Guidance for NYT to the Republican Herd’s Libertarians


A Libertarian Elephant?

New York Times Could Use Some Intellectual Help On Assessing Libertarianism

So I looked up libertarian Republican on Wikipedia one time and I added awesomely brain-cooking info I added from Pew Research Center with info about GOP libertarians and GOP conservatives being similar but different on foreign policy.

Then some sleazy someone came along and replaced it all with a four year outdated New York Times citation. I clicked the link and it lead to a very amusing but again very outdated article about the different factions of the US Republican Party.

Why I am bringing this up and making a move to educate these NYT analysts is to prove to them that libertarians, including GOP libertarians, are not ‘fiercely isolationist’. But yes I will give them praise where credit for factual accuracy is warranted.

What They Got Right

Knowing people react better when you ease them into the spiky stuff, I am going to do the praises for truths first and then constructively call them out on what is false that they say.

Firstly, the idea that every three libertarians is two guys and one gal. Absolutely statistically correct. 15% of American men are libertarians as are 7% of American women.

Secondly, the idea that libertarians are pro-business and anti-government. Mostly true, for what true libertarians favor is free market capitalism in a republic that sticks to the rule of law. So, NYT, there is a kind of government libertarians are favorable to. That kind is a constitutional republic with very limited power.

Thirdly, the idea that are the sort of secular humanist faction of the party as far as religiosity goes. As an atheist, I respect NYT for pointing out this fundamentally true difference between libertarian and conservative. Here are some screen caps of this from a 2011 survey.


Libertarian religiosity


Conservative religiosity

What They Did Not Get Right

As with every article from a source that began as a news paper, there are few intellectual dishonesties here and there. What NYT did not get right is, as the intro indicated, foreign policy. It wrongly brands the entire libertarian movement as ‘fiercely isolationist’.

I have some facts I would like NYT to learn, even if I am teaching this to them four years later than would have been more relevant. And even if some are just facts about me as a libertarian myself.

  1. Most libertarians, very remorsefully, promote Non-interventionism which differs from isolationism only by having room for free trade, freedom of movement, and diplomatic friendships. Three things that I am very much in favor of.
  2. Those of us who retain sanity by rejecting Non-interventionism, myself proudly included, are the libertarians who are in favor of a strong military and an objective foreign policy.
  3. I myself actively promote an objective foreign policy of self-defense and defense of others and Western cultural supremacy as a pragmatic alternative to the Non-interventionist humbleness of mainstream libertarianism.
  4. But you will never witness me confusing non-interventionism with isolationism as conservatives I’ve witnessed or talked to in person routinely to.

Remember that ‘similar but different foreign policy’ article I linked to? Yeah, here is what NYT and journalists in general need to know about (most) libertarian Republican foreign policies:

  1. libertarian Republicans want the US to let foreign nations solve their own problems
  2. libertarian Republicans want the US military to stay the strongest military on Earth
  3. libertarian Republicans are split between wanting more military spending and wanting no change in military spending
  4. libertarian Republicans want to send ground troops to destroy ISIS and also believe that overwhelming defensive force is the only way to destroy state sponsored terrorism.
  5. libertarian Republicans are adamantly Pro-Israel regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  6. libertarian Republicans vastly favor NATO membership
  7. libertarian Republicans widely prefer multilateralism over unilateralism, much like I do as a libertarian Independent myself.


And so I have just explained to NYT and all its readers about what a libertarian Republican is like in full detail. Thanks readers,



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