Saudi Arabia is the Primary Antichrist of Libertarianism



Flag of the Arch Enemy of American libertarianism and also of American republicanism.

Saudi Arabia is not a US Ally but rather the top US enemy.

There is no such thing as a Saudi virtue that any libertarian, American or republican should ever embrace. There is also no such thing as a stable alliance or honest friendship between the US and Saudi Arabia. Also keep in mind I only use ‘antichrist’ metaphorically as I am a Secular Morality Atheist.

Either one of George Bush or Barack Obama could have allied us with Iran in place of Saudi Arabia and it would be drastically less suicidal, very drastically less Anti-liberty.

Saudi Arabia Sponsored the 9/11 Attacks

In an interview that revealed a 28 page report about 9/11 having been censored for 15 years, Saudi Arabia has been found to be the main sponsor of the September 11th attacks.

They are also more generally the top exporter of the Salafi Movement in the world. They have a stealthy system of getting their citizens to finance Salafi acts of terror. In merely 20 years, Saudi Arabia spent $87 billion on forcibly building the Salafi Empire, frankly.

Dr. Yousaf But did a journal report highlighting the difference between Saudi aggression for Salafism and Soviet aggression for Marxism.

They Preach Blatant Lies About Liberty

Saudi Arabia also exports ultimate hatred of everything libertarians of every kind and secular humanist republicans are supposed to stand for.

Examples of this barbarous rhetoric they fling around against core libertarian values include the lie that somehow republics are responsible for all the rancid wars of the 20th century. Anyone who knows who Thomas Paine is and has read what he wrote about republics vs monarchies can tell you that is venom.

And this venom motivates the Salafi movement to wage Jihad of Aggression on America and other Western world nations.

Hardly Any Liberty There

Libertarian think tank Cato Institute finds that Saudi Arabia has moderately low economic freedom. According to Cato, Saudi Arabia is also abysmally below almost the entire world around it on Human Freedom.

What Needs To Be Done

There’s only one way to address the critical threat to free trade and freedom of movement that Saudi Arabia is.

It’s awful to me that this is what has to be done, but what’s to do is to carry out a Sherman March To The Sea against Saudi Arabia. Making the Salafi movement want to give up on its cause totally mandates severe devastation against Saudi Arabia, that makes the Saudi people absurdly demoralized. By engulfing every Saudi city and infrastructure component relevant to militants in flames. In short by making Saudi life so unpleasant for Saudis who presently enjoy Saudi life that they will demand an end to the Salafi Jihad.

Only by hurting Saudi morale, and by making it impossible for Saudi Arabia to wage Jihad at any capacity, will we quickly put a stop to the Salafi movement. Those 3000 innocent people who died of 9/11 must be avenged, at any and every cost to Saudi Arabia. It is insanity that this is what’s needed for victory against the Jihad, but it’s still what’s needed for defensive victory against the Global Jihad.


I am not the only fiscally disciplined and socially tolerant atheist who says this. Yaron Brook, a favorite foreign policy analyst of mine, made a vastly long lecture about what is required to defeat the Jihad. Thank you readers;



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