Democrat or Republican, What Am I?


Whose side am I on? The Red Elephant or the Blue Horse?

A Time For Choosing A Major Party

Yes, I have made very clear before I am not comfortable with any political party, no matter how much political common ground the party in question has with me.

Unfortunately, I have to clarify which prime party I’d go with if they were actually the only options, like most people lie by falsely painting them as, and explain why.

I trust everyone who reads my stuff knows why I am doing this so reluctantly. Both parties are currently deadly lunatic asylums, because of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

I’m Clarifying My Philosophy First

I am a Libertarian, Not a Christian Conservative

Obviously I am not a Christian Conservative, and I am proud to not be spiritually capable of Christian Conservatism as I am an atheist with a secular morality. A secular morality claiming that people who have and follow a humane and agreeable moral code have a moral duty to chase their own individual self-interests.

Firstly, I took the Smallest Politics Quiz Ever (as I call it) and I answered according to what makes sense with my knowledge as well as my morality and came up 80% in favor of individual freedom and 90% in favor of economic freedom. Putting me in the Libertarian quadrant of the graph.

Next I took the Political Compass quiz and my results have been quite the square: exactly 4 points rightward economically and almost 4 points downward socially, putting me in the ‘Libertarian Right’ arena.

Then I took Hello Quizzy’s ‘The Politics Test‘ and came up ‘Radical Libertarian’, in my case referring not to anarchist but to minarchist.

Lastly to prove my support as a minarchist for a constitutional republic, for a very strong military, and for morally objective foreign policy; I took the Libertarian Purity Test and scored an 87, making me ‘self-consciously’ a ‘medium-core’ libertarian.

To summarize; I support free trade, marriage privatization, drug legalization, Ellis Island style border security, total free expression, free markets, constitutional republic, rule of law, reforming welfare into a private charity drive, and puritanical application of the US Bill of Rights. This includes the 2nd amendment right of self defense to the 5th amendment rights of due process and presumption of innocence.

I am a Neolibertarian, not a Neoconservative

The most important difference between myself and the mainstream of libertarianism is how I view foreign policy, human nature, US military’s global role, and other geopolitical topics. Versus how they view all of the above. With the mainstream, neolibertarians like me also prefer free trade, free migration and diplomatic friendship as morally superior to warfare.

But mainstream libertarian foreign policy consists of wanting a flimsily small military, feeling good over doing good, judging America & Israel as uniquely bad countries, and denying painful facts of civilization.

Neolibertarian foreign policy outside of trade, migration and friendships, however; is one of wanting a big and diamond-hard military, doing good over feeling good, judging America & Israel as uniquely good, and accepting painful facts of civilization.

Many neolibertarians, including me, differ from neoconservatives by never wanting the West to be the initial aggressor when it comes to wars abroad, we typically only want to use Defensive war while never using War of Aggression. We also prefer Constitutional Regime Change like we did to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in 1949 and 1947, respectively, instead of the Bush Doctrine’s democratic regime change.

Now That You Know, It’s Time To Party

Taking the iSideWith quiz makes party and candidate choosing the easiest thing ever for me. And so I took the quiz and it made this post easier for me today. So I side with the Libertarian party 88%, but of the two prime parties the Republican Party shares 79% of my views, versus the Democrat Party sharing 46% of my views. So I’d choose Republican Party, and to be in the libertarian faction of the GOP.


As I have said in my case for capitalism, I do have a mix of Democrat views and Republican views, as an Independent. Thanks for reading;



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