Some Thoughts on Syrian Refugees and Immigration Policy in General


Many refugees are entering the West by boat and/or bridge.

All the ‘Syrian Refugee’ Stories Prompt Me To Clarify My Thoughts On Refugees and Immigration in General.

I logged into this website of mine and evidently its been alleged that Hungary only wants workers who are from other Western-world countries.

Regardless of if the Hungarian government actually declares this or not, I wish to elaborate on my support for free migration, freedom of movement, and for a free market in labor. And yes, I will personalize tiny bits of it as I myself work a simple job and also have artistic laboring talents I could make global use of.

Cultural Assimilation & National Security

Western culture being at the top of everything libertarians like me say is grand, I say the right way to deal with any number of any refugees or other immigrants is to assimilate them into Western Culture.

Basically what I think we as Western cultured nations need in dealing with refugees is a policy based on Ellis Island. This I will admit I did not know about until Austin Petersen promoted their immigration policy in his presidential campaign.

Ellis Island, where his Dutch ancestors came through, had to go through a very strict saga of security and sickness check ups. And so I looked into the current security system of Ellis Island and… WOW! Still very strict.

Perfect for adopting for official immigration policy with regards to border security. Because now I know for certain that assimilation into Western culture will be mandatory for naturalization of any immigrants, Syrian or otherwise.

Free Market In Labor

Just as with free market in items, a free market in services should be the number one priority for libertarian immigration policy. Although, pragmatically should promote Ellis Island style security measures on top of this. But we’re done with explaining my support for Ellis Island fashioned border security now.

Now let us explain my support for freedom of movement as the other component of official Western-world immigration policy.

What I do not want in America or anywhere else in Western Society is government of any level declaring a merchant who needs labor cannot hire someone she admires the laboring talents of because that talented laborer is from a foreign land.

Rather, workers ought to be hired based on their eagerness to work, and I find that while often wrongly worded, the idea that immigrants take the jobs natives do not want is based on scientific findings by economists.

As for me, I have the talents of drawing, writing as you see on this site, cycling to next-door towns like Wallingford and Southington (I’m a CT guy of Cheshire), and character-developing menacing villains for Medieval-like Fantasy fiction.

For example, & to be frank, If some aspiring novelist wants me to develop for her some kind of Dark Lord for her fantasy story and she lives in Dublin, Ireland; then Irish government should absolutely not bar her from hiring me for her intellectual property purpose.


If you are not sure what I mean by my stance on immigration and refugees, don’t be ashamed. It is likely you have never seen intellectual honesty on open immigration with Ellis Island style border security until reading this. Thank you my readers,



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