The Vitality of Freedom of Expression


Rather clear our Founders were about the need for freedom of expression.

Total Freedom of Expression is Mandatory to Civilized Culture and to Modern Science

People I learn about on other social media are treating freedom of expression like it is optional with regards to modernizing science and to staying a civilized people.

The painful fact of life is, though, that absolute right to unrestricted freedom of expression is the only way to keep scientific and civilizational progress going.

For me this fact of life is not painful, but many on my YouTube subscriptions list have raised awareness in me of individuals and movements who are disgusted by free expression and think banning or limiting it has no negative outcomes.

Human History Vs This Narrative

Nothing in human history has anything in common with this anti-free expression narrative. Basically all of human history is full of examples of less free expression meaning less science as well as less human decency.

Allow me to paraphrase and link to examples of this. Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the individual that China still to this day is named for, murdered scholars all over his empire and was able to do so rampantly because there was little to no free expression.

Over in Medieval Spain, lacking freedom of expression caused the crazily murderous poison we know as the Spanish Inquisition. The intent was to keep absolute power for the Spanish kingdom, and the policies of absolutely no freedom of expression lead to mass torture on national scale for 356 years.

What Free Expression Does For Humanity

By liberating science and by liberating secular freethinking, freedom of expression has rapidly increased human life span from averaging 30 years to averaging 70.

And here in the United States, free expression has been the prerequisite for such social progressions as the humanization of black Americans, and the summer 2015 gay marriage ruling, and countless other examples historically in between. One other such example is the completion of US gender equality in the 1920’s.

So in short, freedom of expression is mandatory for the progress and empathy and civility of humans, and this means that anyone who supports banning or regulating free expression in any field of life at all is, according to human history, automatically a barbarian.


I shall wrap up this piece by defining the official meaning of freedom of expression: The lawful liberty to express ideas freely. Thanks;



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