What Is A Pragmatic Libertarian Policy Regarding Foreign Aid?


Value of foreign aid summarized. Got this from a British website, according to Google Images.

Foreign Aid Does Not Always Do Good, Its Results Vary By What Nations It Goes To

I decided to explain my beliefs and policy offer about foreign aid some hours early. Let me begin by saying that contrary to many opinions, foreign aid is not exactly charitable. Either it goes to a foreign government or it goes right to lands where much of it gets snatched up by enemies of liberty. Or at least this is how I see it. It really seems to me like foreign aid is a feel-good policy that does not inherently do good.

Foreign aid going to nations who overwhelmingly despise us is simply not pragmatic policy, at all. My argument is that foreign aid from the US should cease, except for in those rare cases of foreign aid being used to help with defending individuals from physical coercion.

Why I Argue This

My rationale is that US libertarian foreign policy ought to be one of free trade, freedom of movement, self-defense and defense of others. And so then, American actions of any kind abroad, including in this case foreign aid, should reflect this goal.

There is no evidence in history of foreign aid having resulted in the giver earning the respect of the receiver. Free trade is what allows foreign nations to respect each other, and not foreign aid. The 19th Century is the time during which free trade was not just building respect between nations but also what was liberating the world.

Also there is no such thing historically as successfully bribing foreign countries to install freedom of movement as their official immigration policies. I have spent a large amount of time on Google looking for just one example. Could not find one.

Lastly, we come to the defense component, Self Defense And Defense Of Others. Our foreign aid giving for the past 15 years has proven itself to be anti-defense. Self-murdering, as for example every nation in the Greater Middle East we give foreign aid to, with Israel as the only exception, has so far used our foreign aid to direct or to sponsor physical coercion against individual human beings, including citizens of the United States of America. As for North Korea, we have been giving them foreign aid for many years and they still aspire to murder us with nuclear weapons.

What Do I Say We Do Then?

My suggestion is that we stop giving foreign aid to any nation that is not a Western world nation, firstly. Specifically I say we stop giving Non-Western countries money, weapons, or anything else. Because every logistical supply we pour into any nation outside of Western Society ends up getting snatched by truly hardened directors and sponsors of physical coercion.

As for nations within Western Society, including ones like Japan, South Korea and Israel who are heavily Westernized, we need to only give those nations foreign aid when they ask for foreign aid, which is rather rarely. And even so we must only give them the kind they ask for.

For America to be giving any foreign aid to any other trans-national culture, even one unopened bottle of water, or one $5 bill, or one 9mm bullet, is nuts! It’s suicidal.

Western culture is the only culture built on everything US libertarians of all different types can all agree is good, hence my emphasis on reserving aid for other Western countries.


Perhaps next page needs to be my page explaining my thoughts on why I see Western society as the uniquely libertarian society. Thanks for the read my readers;



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