Why My Marriage and All Marriages Need to Be Privatized Tomorrow


Marriage is simply a romantic union of consenting adults, don’t let religion or government regulate it.

To Regulate Marriage is To Take Joy Out of the Idea of Marriage

Yes, I do plan to marry a woman before I am 25. Personally I am very into slim brunettes with blue eyes but I predict I’ll end up with a slim redhead with green eyes.

My reasoning for preferring as I do is explained in personality trait context. Eye colors explained here. Hair colors explained here. But my preferences are not this topic, rather this is my argument against letting either one of God or government regulate marriage.

Let me explain my position and how this counts as a ‘Yes’ answer to the question of whether gay marriage needs to be legalized.

Marriage Privatization is Liberation

Whether it is traditional marriage or gay marriage, no marriage should have any government regulation of it, not religious and not secular regulation either.

David Boaz wrote and article about why marriage privatization is the only sane marriage policy. He notes that there are two options when keeping marriage a privately owned romance between consenting adults.

Option One is what I guess I’ll call puritanical privatization. This refers to making marriage purely non-governmental and to go this path will result in myself and others who aspire to marry someone being able to cement their romance in a ceremony or ritual.

Option Two is what I’ll perhaps call contractual privatization. This refers to making marriage like any other private contract. The government is only involved to enforce the terms; all the other aspects of the contract, including the terms, are set bilaterally or multilaterally by the newlyweds.

Western Culture Doesn’t Exactly Work Without Marriage Privatization

The secular humanism of the Age of Enlightenment, which modernized Western Culture and made it uniquely libertarian culture, has historically modernized marriage.

John Witte Jr., an author of books about Western cultural history, wrote about this in a 1997 book, from the same year as the David Boaz article.

This book is called “From Sacrament to Contract: Marriage, Religion and Law in the Western tradition.”

Perhaps I should buy a copy of this book on Amazon before this year is out.


So, now the globe knows why I want the government out of my marriage. Also humanity now knows about the moral supremacy of marriage privatization. Thank you all my readers;



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