U.S. Libertarianism Needs A Liberty Prioritizing Foreign Policy

Iraq War Name

Although free trade and freedom of movement with Ellis Island style border control should be used more often than the military, that does not make US military force inherently wrong.

Liberty Needs to be Libertarians’ Priority for America Both Domestically And In Foreign Policy

“What is United States foreign policy supposed to be?” many ask. As a libertarian Independent and an atheistic secular humanist, I believe the questions to answer this question with are “What is the meaning of an American Libertarian?” and “What is the proper style and role of government?”, frankly.

I have the answer for each question, as separate sections of this article.

What is the meaning of ‘US libertarian’?

The meaning of a libertarian, in America in the 21st century, is a person who promotes individual freedom and a minimal state. Libertarians embrace the golden rule, favor low taxes and tiny regulation, oppose high taxes and giant regulation, donate to private charities, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support free market and defend civil liberty.

Basically the only crimes to a libertarian are crimes which are inherently wrong, which basically means forms of physical coercion.

What is the Style and Role of Government?

The style of government is supposed to be both a minimal state and a constitutional republic. It is a constitution that is supposed to hold up individualism, civil liberty, rule of law, laissez-faire, freedom of expression, and political freedom.

Now we speak of the role. The role of a constitutional republic is to defend human beings from physical coercion, to do self-defense and defense of others. And in the case of foreign policy this refers to defending human beings from genocide, terrorism and slavery.

Meaning the role of the constitutional republic is not to bring democracy or even liberty to the world, it’s not to donate food and money to poor countries. It’s also not to treat the world like it is still in the Cold War era in ways like obsessing for a new Raegan.

Foreign Policy Discussion

Knowing this, the role of government and the meaning of a US libertarian should logically guide what libertarians preach in foreign policy and what the US practices.

A middle ground between idealism and pragmatism is what’s needed. The idealism component rightly comes from a preference of free trade and free migration over warfare.

The pragmatism component comes from a few different things. We as US libertarians need to promote a favoritism toward constitutional republics and an abstinence from associating or cooperating with despotic monarchies. What I mean by this is:

  1. If a foreign country is a constitutional republic with massive economic freedom and massive human freedom, then build both diplomatic friendship and military alliance with such a nation.
  2. If a foreign country is a despotic monarchy with little to no economic freedom and little to no human freedom, don’t associate with that nation, not diplomatically, not militarily.

But also, and this is more pragmatism, do not go to wars just to spread democracy, bring home any soldier that is not overseas to defend individuals from physical coercion.

On the flip side, if some tyranny is exerting or sponsoring severe physical coercion against individuals, be willing and determined to succeed in easily defending the victims. Be ruthless but also be tactically brilliant about militarily defeating the initial aggressor.

So to give examples of what I’m advocating, for America to treat Saudi Arabia and Pakistan like allies and like friends. That is uncalled for, it is very massively wrong! It is not libertarian to be treating obviously despotic theocracies like friends or like allies!

And given enemies like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, and almost all of the Arab League (Tunisia is the only exception I can name) are 21st century enemies, stop being stuck in the 20th! China and Russia are not enemies of the US anymore. The Arab League today is like Russia was back in 1950’s, and Iran today is like China was back in 1950’s.


I have not talked about foreign aid yet, but no worries, I will discuss that tomorrow. Thanks readers;



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