An Observational Assessment of the Regressive Left, the Alt Right and Gary Johnson’s Alleged Libertarianism


Thank you iFunny for this simple and funny image thing.

The Alt Right, the Regressive Left and Gary Johnson Are About to Be Analyzed Factually.

There has been some confusion created by many over whether the Alt Right is inherently authoritarian or just a mix of internet trolls and angry people. Many have also gravely mistaken Gary Johnson for someone who is philosophically a libertarian. However I wager that no one is spreading lies about who and what the Regressive Left is.

Which is why I am doing this post very early in the morning where I am, to make an analysis and draw conclusions about these three entities, uniquely my own.

I think I must analyze these in alphabetical order by first word or name, which means I will make my own individual judgement of the Alt-Right first. And I do not care what any libertarian on Earth but me thinks of any of these three conclusions of mine, as an atheist libertarian Independent.

Alternate Right

So, what can I gather on my own about the alternate right? From what I know; many are Donald Trump fanatics, they despise political correctness, and many of them are far too busy losing their minds over opinions which differ from theirs to know anything about trade, to name one policy topic.

But I am also well aware there are younger, more culturally libertarian alt-righters who exert a sense of humor with memes, similar to the one I used for this article although I am not sure if an actual alt righter made this image or not.

Either way, there are essentially mixed reactions to the Alternate Right from non-members like me. Some laughingly positive, some vehemently negative. But am I in one of these categories or am I my own category? I’m my own category, and that category is the ‘I judge alt-righters on an individual basis’ category.

Moving on…

Gary Johnson

Oh boy, Gary Johnson. Before we talk about him, I need to clarify simply what Libertarian Principles are supposed to be as of the 1688 Glorious Revolution.

  1. Individualism
  2. Civil Liberty
  3. Rule of Law
  4. Laissez Faire
  5. Freedom of Expression
  6. Constitutional Republic

So, how does Gary Johnson uphold these principles? Remorsefully, he does not. Let me list examples of how he contradicts these principles.

At the Libertarian Presidential Forum, Johnson complimented Hillary Clinton as “A Wonderful Public Servant“. Even though her behavior as a public servant has nothing in common with the Rule of Law.

Gary Johnson also rejects freedom of expression by policing vocabulary in the name of pandering to politically correct collectivism. And knowing what is true about individualism, collectivism of any brand is automatically the opposite of individualism.

In short, Gary Johnson is not a libertarian, philosophically. Truth be told I don’t know what he is, I just know he is not a libertarian.

Regressive Left

I don’t think I can name a bigger domestic threat to everything America is supposed to stand for than the Regressive Left. These are people who use things like safe spaces and trigger warnings to try to entitle people to shut out opinions they don’t agree with.

There is not a single principle the US was founded on that makes any regressive left person to not be a fundamental threat to the US Constitution. So my verdict on the Regressive Left? They’re entirely toxic, a danger to the progression of the human species.


So I have done my own opinions on these three entities, all in one page. Thanks for reading this;



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