What’s So Great About A Permissive Society?


Something minimalist, like the Golden Rule or the Non-Aggression Principle, would be the only limit to human activity in a permissive society

Permissive Society goes Hand in Hand with Free Market economics

Exactly what is a permissive society, before we begin? Well, according to the book “The Permissive Society: America, 1941 – 1965“, a permissive society is a society of making itself increasingly libertarian about its cultural norms.

The only crimes classed as crimes in a permissive society are acts of physical coercion.

A Permissive society is often seen as a free society wherein social and moral freedom is included with political and intellectual freedom.

Consistency Thing

Remember when I did my piece about how absolute freedom of expression is mandatory to human decency? Well, by the logic I put into that post, the permissive society is the decent society, even though things like M-rated games and R-rated films are minimally regulated if at all.

This is also despite the fact that permissive society means inclusion of freedom from religion within freedom of religion, and freedom to dress revealingly included within freedom of choice.

And to add personal plugs, this is despite the fact that permissive society means freedom to listen to metal music and to enjoy Medieval-like Fantasy universes, even R-rated or M-rated ones, is granted.

How exactly is this consistent? Well, the more freedom is given the more self-control is needed by the individual. To be given character education and to be taught to focus on one’s own self-destructive traits is necessary. And from what I hear from Dave Rubin’s chat with him, Yaron Brook wrote books and essays that I look forward to reading and linking to in future pages. Brook wrote stuff all about how physical coercion crimes like murder and arson and such are self-destructive.

By Libertarian Principles…

A permissive society is the way to address cultural elements, and in fact the Western world’s Age of Enlightenment saw permissive society become the norm of Western Culture.

Of course, this is not a call for anarchy, but rather this is a call for people to take some time to think about how a permissive society is far superior to any kind of substantially restrictive society. There is a need for a Constitutional Republic, and that need is for an entity to protect individuals from physical coercion. I have spoken at least every time I wrote here about foreign policy about that being the legit style and role of government.


Really think about this. Permissive society does require individual self-control, but what permissive society does in results is it makes government corruption almost nonexistent. I say almost because human nature is severely deeply flawed. Thanks for the read,



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