Every Difference You Need To Know Between a Neolibertarian and a Neoconservative


A version I cooked up on Gimp of the ‘Statue of Freedom’. This artwork alone should hint at many differences existing between neolibertarian and neoconservative.

Neolibertarianism Is Quite Often Not Neocon Stuff.

So, I look at an Encyclopedia definition of what a Neoconservative is. And looking at this article alone allows me to bring you readers this writing about how starkly different a neolibertarian like me is from any neocon.

But do not worry, as I read the article, I will highlight both common grounds and differences that neolibertarians have on neocons.


Neolibertarianism just by being one of ten different kinds of libertarian endorses individualism, and apparently neoconservatism endorses individualism as well. This means both ideologies motivate judgement of human peers and foreign regimes on an individual basis, and both ideologies value individual freedom.


Real capitalism, not corporatism, is wherein items and services are owned by private individual humans and not by the government. And neoconservatives can agree with neolibertarians on endorsing true capitalism for economy.

Culture And Religion

Here we go, the very first way in which neolibertarian and neoconservative are total antonyms. Neoconservatives are so socially and culturally conservative as to be uptight squares about it. They cite violence in works of fiction and profanity in music as evidence of Western Culture having been totally ruined by corruption. Neocons also act like one cannot be moral without being religious.

Neolibertarians are the opposite of all of this. We see the freedom to view fictional violence and hear profane music as examples of freedom of expression being taken exactly as seriously as is meant to be. As neolibertarians, we generally look at the mass media, at secular morality, and at organized religion as Thomas Jefferson did:

  • “If it neither breaks my bones nor picks my pockets, then to me it’s not degenerate behavior.”

And yes, I am very likely paraphrasing Jefferson enormously. But yes neolibertarians are immensely culturally liberal on cultural stuff.

Economic And Social Policy

Neolibertarians like me are adamant advocates of free markets and laissez-faire. Neoconservatives on the other hand are absolutely not. Instead they support stuff like income tax, inheritance tax, and the welfare state which have nothing to do with capitalism and everything to do with vile corporatism.

The only economic policy we have in common with neocons is they favor equality of opportunity and oppose equality of outcome, and so do we.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy and National Defense is a policy field wherein we neolibertarians are ‘similar but different’ from neoconservatives.

We do agree with neocons that the US military might needs to employed around the world to defend the individual rights of the American People. However, neocons say it is in the interests of the United States to do democracy promotion around the world and regime change, unprovoked.

Neocons accept the fact that Thomas Paine was the first to find (and Rudolph Rummel the first to verify) about constitutional republics being far more peaceful and despotic monarchies being far more warlike, just like neolibertarians do. But then neocons try to use this fact to justify doing unprovoked wars just to go imposing democracy overseas. Us neolibertarians don’t do that, we instead use this fact to justify encouraging America to have a clear taste in friends, constitutional republics only.

Also, there is a huge difference in how we’d like our nation to handle militarily defeated enemies. Neoconservatives favor keeping troops in defeated enemy land for nation building and democracy promotion. Neolibertarians like me prefer drafting a constitution for a defeated enemy to abide by and to unconditionally surrender to.


Hopefully people now get the differences. Thanks for the read;



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