The Left And The Right Totally Mirror Each Other And Are Not At All Opposites


Very classy. And very true. These made up words perfectly describe how the left and right epically mirror each other.

They May Be Political Opposites, But Intellectually and in mental health the Left and Right copy and paste each other.

Perhaps I need a break from foreign policy so I can discuss how the left and the right mentally mirror each other and think being political opposites makes them psychological opposites.

They are unconditionally wrong on the psychological count, as they behave identically to each other. Both engage in polarization, both cherry pick from reality, both censor information about third options, etc.

Horse Shoe Theory

I am a bit of a horseshoe theorist, which means I believe that the far left and far right behaviorally are both culturally authoritarian. I also think the center right and center left are both culturally libertarian.

What Sparked this Post

I thought for a decent amount of time about the political videos done by Prager University, and I thought to myself about how they are wrong about exactly half of the stuff they say.

So I decided that I might prop up my observations of the left and right mirroring each other on the internet.

Biggest Example

First of all, both the left and the right act like self-sacrifice is mostly morally good while self-service is mostly morally evil. Both ‘wings’ ignore the fact that the opposite is the truth. Ethical Egoism is the idea that people who abide by the Golden Rule or some other cosmic idea of right & wrong need to follow their individual self-interests. Ethical Altruism is the idea that people have a moral obligation to selflessly help each other. This to me makes ethical egoism morally good and ethical altruism morally evil. So then, when the left claims socialism is good because ethical altruism and capitalism is evil because ethical egoism, they’re wrong. Also, when the right claims capitalism is good because ethical altruism and socialism is evil because ethical egoism, they’re also wrong.

The big truth above all is: Capitalism is morally good because of ethical egoism and Socialism is morally evil because of ethical altruism.

And Capitalism vs Socialism is not the only example of ethical egoism being the moral good with ethical altruism being the moral evil.

All the harm to humanity and Earth was and is done by ethical altruist products like Christianity, Islam, other organized religions, socialism, cultural marxism, social conservatism, Richard Keynes economics, Nazism, Social Justice Warrior logic, Creationism, Gun control, Animal rights activism, welfare programs and Alt-Right logic.

All the good to humanity and Earth was and is done by ethical egoist products like Atheism, Deism, other secular moralities, capitalism, cultural liberalism, fiscal conservatism, Friedrich Hayek economics, the Internet, science, Evolutionism, Gun rights, metal music, revealing fashions, meat production, Pet ownership, and private charity.

Another Example

Just one more example before I close.

The left and the right both think they are absolute opposites when it comes to the question of war. The left thinks war is either not the answer or the last resort depending on who you ask. The right thinks war is either sometimes the only answer to foreign aggression or part of a ‘need’ to always be the aggressor depending on who you ask.

They engage in polarizing battles of name calling, the left calls the right stuff like ‘neocon’ and ‘war monger’. While the right calls the left stuff like ‘pacifist’ and ‘tyranny sympathizer’.

Both sides are once again wrong. The real truth can be broken down like this:

  1. It is inherently wrong to be the initial aggressor
  2. Whether defensive war is the answer to foreign aggression depends on if the aggressor is critically damaging the defender’s national citizens or national interests
  3. The idea of war being the last resort is borderline pacifist rhetoric by the name of Just War Theory, which is another product of ethical altruism
  4. The idea of war being never the answer denies a constitutional republic its collective human right of self-defense and defense of others.


I can talk for a while about how the left and right mirror each other but I’m stopping here. Thanks for reading my article here today;



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