The War On Christmas and the War On Women Are Both Purely Fictional


Fantasy Dwarf Gyrocopters have more grounding in reality than either of the ‘war on Christmas’ or the ‘war on women’.

Never Until This Post Have I Debunked Both a Lefty Myth and a Righty Myth At Once

The Left and the Right are both fantasizing in ways as to try to force culturally authoritarian stuff of opposing brands onto a mentally liberty-leaning population. Wondering what else is new, I am.

The Left’s fantasy try at imposing cultural authoritarianism is to get venomously emotional by denouncing anyone who opposes politically correct, male-hating feminisms as ‘part of the war on women’

The Right’s fantasy try at imposing cultural authoritarianism is to get toxically emotional by denouncing anyone who individually chooses to not celebrate Christmas as ‘waging war on Christmas’.

Let’s Disprove War On Christmas First

I have seen righty people, mostly online, very readily denounce any attempt to disprove any Christian conservative myths about Christmas as a “war on Christmas”. As an atheist who loves celebrating Christmas and says it’s about enjoying friends and family, I laugh every time I see someone on the internet treat ‘War on Christmas’ as a reality.

First, and forgive me for coming off as overtly literal, but Elan Journo already talked about What War Inherently Looks Like over on ARI. So there’s the War aspect already in rubble.

But I’m going for more; the only people waging ‘War’ on Christmas are despotic theocracies in the Greater Middle East, and they’re doing it globally. There is no “War” to be found in atheists, deists and other secular humanists simply making any debate-sparking claims about the Christian religion. Debate, perhaps, but certainly no War.

As for politically correct legislation, I have yet to see any legislation specifically target Christmas as a holiday. We as Americans and other Westerners still love to celebrate all the December holidays of Abrahamic origin.

Now Let’s Debunk War On Women

If there was a legit War on women going on, then many severely damaging things described in the ARI link earlier would be happening to women

But none of those things are happening in Western countries, and the closest thing to that stuff that’s actually happening in real life is Jihadist militias shooting women on the spot for getting educations.

Saying that the Gender Wage Gap is just one of hundreds of wage gaps and that 39 wage gaps have men getting less than women, as I do because it’s true, does not count as a war.

As someone who believes that our species being 7 billion people means 7 billion different mindsets, I can assure you that thinking there is an all-males mindset and an all-females mindset does not count as war. I’ll say no more.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the reason I went full literalist on the concept of war in this post is because I have the Asperger’s syndrome, a Character Trait (not disability) that allows me to think outside of The Norm in ways that are beneficial elements to the common society. Granted it’s a genetic character trait, and happens very rarely, but a character trait and therefore not a disability, nonetheless.

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