A Cheshire libertarian’s Thoughts On The 7-Election Trend at 7-eleven


Exactly what is this? Free markets and free expression? Or…

I’m a Millennial who seeks to get some Independent perspective out there on the 7-election trend.

Fascinating, though not exactly productive except at growing jobs, the 7-election thing is something I think is worth me posting my own thoughts about online.

Now, let me make it clear: I have only one cup I keep to myself, and that I have painted a ‘Pro-Israel Libertarian’ logo onto, and it does not leave my house for any reason.

I am very much an Independent, and the only reason people have to ever call me ‘Republican Leaning’ is because iSideWith tells that I side with the GOP 56% and the Democrats 17%. My biggest party there is the Libertarian Party at 77%.

Is It Freedom of Speech To Me?

Yes. The right to express one’s opinions freely is being used by the workers and merchants of 7-eleven to express the opinion that Democrats, Independents and Republicans should all have coffee cups just for them every four years.

And my commentary on it here is me using the right to express one’s opinions freely to promote personal opinion on this idea.

Is It A Free Market Element To Me?

Yes. Free market means an economy wherein prices and wages are based on competition between small businesses and individual workers and not controlled by government. In other words, a free market is an economy wherein the government only steps in to enforce basic human rights, such as those found in the US Bill of Rights.

Free markets are fueled by the law of supply and demand, yes. But they are also fueled by creativity. And 7-eleven’s salesmen and workers are being creative by doing this 7-election trend every four years in time for general elections.

Any Issues With it?

Yes. I think that the deepest flaw of 7-election is that it does not account for third parties like the US Libertarian Party. But that could be the fault of the LP for not getting real about foreign policy, maybe.


No, really. This is all I got on this trend and what to make of it. Thanks for reading and knowing this,



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