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Domestic Policy me

These are the results I have on the Hello Quizzy politics test, to give some ideas of what I believe.

A Time for Clarifying what political points I hold as facts as an Independent

Many may not be exactly clear about individual political agendas, half because of Hillary Clinton and half because of Donald Trump. What these two have done to our nation is made it severely polarized, so it’s time I made my own platform clear to my peers.

Laissez-Faire Economics

I am an outspoken promoter of the laissez-faire economics of such geniuses as Adam Smith, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek. I believe very strongly in Fiscal Libertarianism, which means I favor free trade, low taxes, and minimal business regulation. When I say low taxes I refer to only letting government get enough tax money for the following:

  1. Emergency Services
  2. National Defense
  3. Courts of Law
  4. Prisons
  5. The 3 branches of Constitutional Republic

And when I say minimal business regulation I mean only enough regulation to ban and punish behaviors like violent crimes and fraud that are blatant human rights violations.

I donate to private charity where and when possible, and I call for the wage standard to be about dollars per 1000 joules, not about dollars per 1 hour. This joules thing I will explain coherently in its own post. I also believe in welcoming immigrants to give labor and also welcoming anyone who asks for work to do work they are physically and mentally fit to do, even if the voluntarily aspiring worker is half my age (I’m 22) or whatever else.

Fiscally I’m in favor of balanced budgets, and spending up to but never more than one-half of what is made off tax revenue.

Secular Humanism

As an atheist, I also openly abide by an individualist morality known plainly as secular humanism. This means I believe that reason, ethics, modern science and the secular philosophy of naturalism should be used for teaching self and posterity morality and self-control. That’s as opposed to organized religion, pseudoscience, superstition and mythology as fuel for morality and self-control.

The result is if I have posterity of my own, which I presently think is disputable as to whether I will. If I have a kid though, I will teach him or her self-control and morality by filling his or her head with secular humanism.

Secular humanism, it appears to me, is the mindset of having better morals, than any religion.

Constitutional Republic and Free Society

Governmentally I call for every government on the planet to be a constitutional republic, and a free society at that. A geopolitical collection of individuals ought to have their individual freedom and individual sovereignty defended by a large posse of elected individuals who each have four powers or less.

Furthermore, a constitution ought to exist to keep the republic in line with the protection of the individual freedom of the geopolitical collection of individuals. Basically to retain the status of a free society

And a free society is one wherein people are allowed total freedom of speech and unconditional freedom of religion, including the right to follow secular humanism as one’s choice of religion. I am one for personal independence and freedom of choice.

Foreign Policy and National Defense

Most of this WordPress diary you are reading a page of right now gets me globally known (to some degree) for the intellectual work I do here on US foreign policy and what it ought to be. As such I will break this into sections “American Foreign Policy”, “Saudi/Salafi Empire”, & “National Defense”.

American Foreign Policy

The number one priority of American foreign policy, according to me, should inherently be two number ones: Free Trade & Freedom of Movement.

Free Trade, from what I can gather, appears to me to have liberated a mammoth amount of different nations across a handful of different human cultures during the 19th century AD.

I advocate an American foreign policy that’s passionately interested in free trade and freedom of movement. This includes protecting it by having honest friendship and stable alliance exclusively with other free societies.

I favor eternal shutdown of the United Nations as it’s whole design was and remains to force moral relativism on the entire human species. But I also favor making honest friendships with and only with other free societies through diplomacy, and military alliances with and only with other free societies as well.

As for freedom of movement that’s the stuff that makes unlimited immigration with Ellis Island style border security the perfect border & immigration policy to me.

Saudi & Salafi Empire

I wised up and became a libertarian roughly in 2010. When I did I realized the Salafi movement exists because it wants to create a despotic religious monarchy over the entire world, and does not care if its enemies have freedom or not. This is both as opposed to claiming they hate our freedom and as opposed to claiming they hate us for not being puritanical non-interventionist doves.

Research I’ve done leads me to think The Salafi movement is built overwhelmingly by Saudi Arabia and the Arab League through state sponsorship of movement.

Since wising up and becoming a libertarian I have repeatedly offered ‘Salafi’ as the term people are looking for to describe the nauseating way the Salafis fight. As in “Salafi Way of War”, in example.

To some degree I have undergone some changes in belief about overall American foreign policy but my understanding of the Arab League and its role in the Salafi movement still grows, therefore my thoughts stay the same.

National Defense

Since wising up and becoming a libertarian, I have worked rather slowly on thinking up a unique morality for a potential ‘libertarian way of war’.

With military spending, we certainly do need a very huge and strong military with high budget, but only in the context of a balanced budget which sadly we don’t have presently.

My thoughts on warfare are like this: When America goes to war, it should only be to retaliate against foreign aggression thrown at Americans and their property. And that’s if the Legislative declares it. That said it’s on the military to do everything mandatory for quick decisive victory, by using overwhelming defensive force, concerned only about military necessity and not using means malum in se.

If taking no prisoners and putting down all of the initial aggressor’s infrastructure embody the determination required to punish the aggressor’s war of aggression, then I am for it. The specific goal of this retaliatory war should be to severely crush the capacity of the aggressor for war of aggression.

From 2013 onward, I did and do believe that the Salafi regimes of the Greater Middle East (GME) need to be severely attacked to stop their state sponsoring of Salafi Jihadism.

After learning about Saudi (and other GME nation) roles in the September 11th Attacks, I did and still do insist that Saudi Arabia be the primary target for United States retaliation for that atrocity. The secondary targets being the other Arab League states and tertiary targets being Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

As for Israel, I believe they are the only nation in the Greater Middle East capable of honest friendship or even capable of stable alliance.


What a long page, this felt more like two pages to me as I was typing it. But thanks for now knowing what I as one Independent voter think on the issues;



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