Either Libertarians Are With Israel Or They Are Objectively Not Libertarian


Israel is a tiny little Free Society surrounded by Twenty Six different Barbarian Tyrannies

Israel is the only Middle Eastern country worth US Libertarianism’s support.

Perhaps I can already guess what people are going to say to this essay, many of the mainstream libertarians are going to call me statist, but no. That’s not exactly a valid thing to call someone as no one genuinely wears the label of statist. In addition, it is not neocon rhetoric that Israel is the only Middle Eastern country built on values US libertarians hold dear, it is simply organic observation.

Israel is at the Top of the Middle East in almost Everything US libertarians cherish

Here is the basic stuff of a free society that puts Israel above the entire rest of the Greater Middle East around it. Economic freedom, Ease of Commerce, Religious and other Moral freedoms, Jeffersonian governance, and Freedom of the Press among other things.

Economic Freedom of the Middle East

Out of 26 neighbors Israel has, libertarian Cato Institute finds that only five of these neighbors are freer-market economically than Israel is. That means 81% of the Greater Middle East is economically more marxist than Israel. In fact, Israel sits with its economically freer enemies in the ‘most economic freedom’ quadrant, right there with good ole US of A.

Free Trade to & From the Middle East

World Economic Forum has found only two years ago that Israel has some of the most freeing and liberating trade policies in the entire Greater Middle East. Only three of Israel’s enemy neighbors have freer trade than Israel, making Israel more into free trade than 85% of the Middle East.

Freedom of Religion

For the next five sections, starting with this one, I am going to be citing the World Index of Moral Freedom, linking to a PDF file.

Israel is, legit, at the top of the Middle East for freedom of religion. Must I go on?

Bioethical Freedom

To briefly define, Freedom of Bioethics includes stuff like reproductive rights, stem cell research, and voluntary euthanasia.

Israel is 4th out of a region of, in total, 27 nations as I said earlier. Israel stands near the top of the Middle East in Bioethical freedom, which most libertarians agree is a legit freedom, in particular for women.

Freedom of Sexuality

Most libertarians, myself happily included, believe sexual freedom to be a ket component of a free society. To us, sexual freedom is a liberty that is all on consenting adults.

And Israel has so much sexual freedom that only Tunisia tops Israel in this particular aspect of being a free society.

Gender and Family Freedom

From women’s rights and unmarried romance to gay marriage and transgender people’s status, gender and family freedom with these examples is self-explanatory.

And once again, Israel is at the top of the Greater Middle East in Gender & Family Freedom and no other Middle East nation qualifies to claim to have Gender & Family Liberty.

Ease of Doing & Starting Business

Of all of Israel’s enemy neighbors, only the United Arab Emirates sits above Israel in Ease of doing business. As for starting a business, Israel is third only to Morocco and Afghanistan in how easy it is to begin a business. Evidence for that courtesy of World Bank Group here.

Number of Internet Hosts

The CIA World Fact Book is a legit source for certain facts of policy, and their Internet Hosts list reveals Israel is second only to Turkey in Middle Eastern internet hosting. But given Erdogan’s current reign over Turkey, Israel might as well be the regional leader in internet hosting.

Openness to Immigration

Using the United Nations report on immigrant demographics in sovereign countries, one will find that Israel is 8th in the region on freedom of movement when it comes to immigrants. That means only seven countries out of twenty-seven (only 26% of the region) are better at welcoming immigrants than Israel is.

Freedom of the Press

Freedom House published this piece ‘Freedom of the Press Report‘ which proves Israel to be at the top of journalist freedom in the Middle East.

Jeffersonian Governance

Israel is at the top of the Middle East for closeness to Thomas Jefferson’s vision of morally legit government, according to economist Intelligence unit. This unit grants us the Democracy Index, and based on how the index works I suspect they are using the term ‘democracy’ as in ‘Jeffersonian Democracy’.


Basically all the above are the reasons libertarians should inherently be Pro-Israel on Middle East policy discussion. Thanks for the read;



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