The Vitality of Pragmatism to Libertarian Causes And Future


Pragmatism is a scientific way of observing and/or solving problems that is based on facts of life in place of ideals or theoretical thought process.

Libertarians Cannot Overthrow the Democrat-Republican Electoral Duopoly Without Using Pragmatism.

So… I debated someone I know on health care the evening before doing this page. The topic at hand was the Affordable Care Act, and I was unable to make a fiscally libertarian argument for replacing the ACA with something truly legit.

This I now know this is because I forgot a key component of neolibertarianism, my one of the ten types of libertarian. Even the article I just linked you to ignores this key component of neolibertarian thinking:


Emotionalism is not working well at all for the Libertarian Party and not for the wider liberty movement either. Factoids, Pragmatism and The Scientific Method will bring about far better political results for American and other Western-society libertarians than Passion, Emotionalism and Name-Calling Games. This is something I should have remembered for all my life as a neolibertarian and as an atheist. My preference for pragmatism over emotionalism is what drew me into secular humanism in 2007 and to neolibertarianism in 2010.

Healthcare Example of Pragmatic Libertarianism

Allow me to give an example of what’s the neolibertarian approach to American healthcare reform.

So I don’t buy into the LP’s rhetoric about how getting government out of healthcare entirely will make American healthcare the best it’s ever been. Pragmatism gets me checking out the world’s other Free Societies and say “Where are the Best healthcare systems at balancing pragmatism and constitutional libertarianism?”

And in my Googling and my Wikipedia research I find that my fellow libertarian Independent Craig Berlin (he’s classical liberal, of the ten different types) wrote this thing about how there are fiscally conservative models and policies of Universal Health Care.

Being no surprise to me, the three biggest success stories of win-win healthcare policy are Israel, Switzerland and Australia which are all astronomically free-market-leaning in their domestic economic policy norms. Australian, Swiss and Israeli healthcare are structured in such a way as for public and private insurance to both be options, for healthcare to not be a free handout, and for government to spend a third or less of what we spend on healthcare as percentage of government spending. The result of these and other factors is Australians, Israelis and Swiss are among the top ten healthiest peoples on Earth. Even British healthcare is such a joke as for them to only rank 21st Globally.


There are plenty more examples of this kind of pragmatic thinking that epitomize exactly how libertarianism needs to think. Thanks for the read,



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