How I am Voting And How Others Should Vote According to me


No, this pic is just my mentality personally. But this post is about everyone’s options.

Vote Your Conscience, Even if it means writing in someone who lost a partisan nomination.

Yeah… I am going to commit this post to explaining why the majority of my visitors who live in the US should all just vote their conscience. But first I will explain how I will be voting and why.

How I, the Libertarian Defense Atheist, am Voting

Firstly and lastly, there is no way on any planet in the cosmos I am going to vote for either one of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Hillary is a fiscally and economically marxist champion of political correctness and her foreign policy has no idea whether it’s addicted to talks of appeasement or to wars of aggression.

Donald is an aspiring war criminal who wants to block Americans from doing commerce with foreign merchants and also wants to legislate morality.

For a better explanation of both sets of complaints, see this page here.

My history with elections and supporting people in primaries this year, 2016, began with me backing Marco Rubio for the GOP nomination because of his Senatorial voting record according to RLC and equally because of his foreign policy doctrine proposal. But then he dropped his campaign in March 15th, 2016. My reaction was to go back to iSideWith which taught me about him and retake their quiz again.

And the guy who came in at 92% common ground with me, much higher than Marco’s 81%, was a Libertarian Party presidential nominee called Austin Petersen. And I have followed this Austin guy extensively and learned enough about Austin to call him my political hero. Seeing as I still do, I am going to be voting for Austin Petersen for president on November 8th of this year. Even though I am going to have to write in him to do so.

Vice Presidential Write In?

Fellow Pro-Defense, Pro-America libertarianism promoter Keith Farrell. Why? Read the article I have linked to, and you will see what I declare to be his qualifications for Vice Presidential office.

My Advise to Other U.S. Voters?

Register to vote either as Nonpartisan voters, or as people of the Libertarian Party, or just use the iSideWith quiz to figure out which third party you can relate to the most. Then register to vote to be among that party. Or you can look to the Modern Whigs, the only party I can relate to more than the LP.

As for people who have ran for nominations in parties this election year, I advise you to look at this Candidate Guide and read up on positions on those who’ve dropped out, and write in whoever you can relate to the most.


The reason this post exists is because I have put up a new piece of my website that encourages people to register to vote. I thought I would clarify what I mean in putting up the bar of voting registry encouragement. Thanks for reading,



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