Libertarian Cases For or Against Hunting Tyrannical Regimes.


James Madison: Can You Even Liberty?

There are legit factual arguments libertarians make, and have made, for or against foreign interventionism.

Hello, I am a simple millennial in Cheshire, Connecticut who votes Libertarian and two events tonight have influenced my decision to bring to the internet these thoughts tonight:

  • The recent foreign policy discussion Austin Petersen had at a University
  • Having recently re-read the Mark Humphrys arguments for or against toppling Assad

So I intellectually thought this up out of these two mentors to my politics and thus I have thought of it this way. How about I pull arguments I have seen or heard historic and current libertarian thinkers write or speak on Both sides of the Pro-Intervention vs Anti-Intervention debate of American Libertarianism. I have a kinda history of being massively on the Pro-Intervention side, but I will publish valid arguments for both sides.

And keep in mind, I am calling arguments in both sides ‘libertarian natured’ as a means of accepting that all of these fit the libertarian nature of 2016 America but some rejected the libertarian label in general. I am also paraphrasing extensively in terms of my choices of word.

Libertarian Natured Arguments For U.S. Foreign Interventions Against Tyranny

  1. “The (libertarian) republics of Europe (and elsewhere) are always, and always will be, in peace. Tyrannies will go to war out of pride in situations wherein republics will not.”
    • Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776
  2. “Volumes can be and have been written about the issue of freedom versus dictatorship, but it really boils down to one question. Is it morally healthy to treat human beings as sacrificial objects and rule them with physical aggressions?”
    • Ayn Rand, We The Living, 1936
  3. “I am persuaded no constitution was ever before so well created as the US Constitution for both extensive empire and self government by individual human beings.”
    • Thomas Jefferson, passing US Executive Branch to James Madison, 1809
  4. “Any country guilty of despotic outrages lacks any moral entitlements, any claim to national independence or to right of life, and becomes a sociopath.”
    • Ayn Rand, Virtue of Selfishness, 1964
  5. “But of course if France had not intervened in the American Revolution then We The People might still be property of Britain instead of a people of our own, so that’s something to think about.”
    • Austin Petersen, 10 Different Types of Libertarians on YouTube, 2016
  6. “Demolishing tyrannies is morally heroic; wherever done, whenever done”
    • Mark Humphrys, Arguments for Attacking Assad, 2013
  7. “I don’t want to come off as wanting the United States ought to sit idly by and let something as heinous as the Holocaust be carried out.”
    • Gary Johnson, to The Weekly Standard, 2011
  8. “You shouldn’t have a contract such as military alliance to be eager to defend your friends if they are truly your honest friends.”
    • Kyle Perkins (me), this article, 2016
  9. “All humans are equals to the rule of law, and all humans are endowed with natural rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”
    • Thomas Jefferson, US Declaration of Independence, 1776
  10. “BUT! If a foreign tyranny is threatening the United States with future attack, then destroy that threat on its soil, be willing to militarily intervene.”
    • Yaron Brook, America Needs A Self-Interested Foreign Policy on YouTube, 2012

Libertarian Natured Arguments Against U.S. Foreign Interventions Against Tyranny

  1. “The United States needs Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with all nations, and must make alliances with none.”
    • Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801
  2. “We must consider foreign alliances as temporary luxuries and we must abandon allies who later prove to be imminent threats to us.”
    • George Washington, First Farewell Address, 1792
  3. “Every time we topple secular governments in the Middle East, we see opportunity for the Salafi movement to gain territory for its empire.”
    • Rand Paul, his thoughts on the Iraq War, 2015
  4. “There is the Principle of Non-interventionism, which America must at least work its way towards practicing.”
    • Austin Petersen, North Korea and Libertarian Foreign Policy, 2016
  5. “Don’t go to wars just to spread Democracy, bring home any individual troop that is not overseas to defend the individual rights of Americans.”
    • Yaron Brook, America Needs A Self-Interested Foreign Policy on YouTube, 2012
  6. “The Cold War ended three years before I was born, so waging war on socialist states is not the right way to address them anymore.”
    • Kyle Perkins (me again), this article, 2016


See, even I managed to contribute to both sides of US libertarianism’s foreign policy debate. I can see facts-over-feelings thinking on both sides. Thanks for reading,



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