Does the United States Economy Need An Economic Bill of Rights?



This Amendment was meant to guard freedoms like economic freedoms that are not mentioned in the first 8 amendments.

An Economic Bill of Rights looks like the only way to fix economic regulatory problems.

Ninth Amendment. I have written about the ninth amendment before, and I can write about it again if you want. But as for this post it is meant to be about proposing an Economic Bill of Rights, a set of ten economic liberties that apply universally to every person in US jurisdiction.

My goal with this post and proposal is to demonstrate the economic freedoms that every people should have, starting with the US people.

Amendment One

Government shall make no law banning or regulating any products of clothing, art supply, or other form of self-expression product, nor shall government ban or regulate how workers express themselves off their jobs. In addition, government cannot and will not set limits to what workers and their employers discuss on breaks in break-rooms.

Amendment Two

Every business owner, worker, and other individual shall have the unlimited right to defend their property and their coworkers, themselves and their superiors, from violent intruders. Government absolutely cannot make limits or exceptions to this right.

Amendment Three

No matter the age or income of the individual, he or she inherently has unlimited property rights, including the right to decide which customers to serve, and the right to regard every penny one earns as totally one’s own; no more income taxing.

Amendment Four

Right to Work belongs to everyone that has a job or wants a job, the result is that government is not allowed to require labor union membership nor is government allowed to tell workers what wages they are allowed to want to work for. The other result is workers can aim for whatever intended wages they want as long as they are peaceably competing with each other and accepting their resulting wages as the results of the Four Sciences of Supply And Demand. Similarly, business owners are not to pay their workers according to any more than two factors: One being the Work Ethics of Individual workers, Two being the Four Laws of Supply And Demand.

Amendment Five

People of every income level are not to be denied the right to total individual control of their own retirements. Government needs to handle Social Security on the town level only, not the national level or even state and/or province level. However, government also needs to not impose regulations on how individuals manage their retirement funds, for everyone needs the freedom to decide how to fund their retirement, whether they want donations to their retirements or not.

Amendment Six

Charity has a right to exist very independently of government, and every individual has a right to set up a charity if they would rather build a charity than a business. Government may absolutely not set up how charity owners are allowed to raise money for their respective charities. How charity owners and teammates fund their charities is entirely up to the charities’ teams to have in-team discussions on.

Amendment Seven

Everyone has the right to an education that is either privately owned or locally publicized, which ever aspiring students desire. Freedom of Education, meaning the right to educate one’s own children and/or other people’s children without being regulated by nation-state, belongs to every person of every demographic and every psychographic. Only city-state may set limits to how teachers teach, and even then those limits may only be bans on using physical coercion to discipline misbehaved students.

Amendment Eight

Healthcare is also a basic human right everyone has, meaning the right to choose their own health providers, and the right to provide healthcare for sensible prices according to sciences of supply and demand. Human beings have a right to make their medical decisions without interference by the national government, town governments though may provide a minimalist level of non-coercive assistances like Ambulance drives for advancing this Medicinal Freedom.

Amendment Nine

Freedom of choice here on out applies universally and economically to marriage and contraceptive choices, and to such market competition elements as food brand, beverage brand, toy brand, gaming format, literature, movies, among countless other commodities. Thus it is up to national government to stay out of this freedom of choice while leaving enforcement of this amendment to town governments. Every individual has this right, public and private, rich and poor, so on.

Amendment Ten

When it comes to question of enforcing economic laws against violent crime and against property crime, crimes in these two categories are the only crimes the count as crimes firstly. Secondly, laws against these crimes are to be enforced locally by town police departments and/or town rehabilitation clinics.


I duly hope people can understand what I am trying to promote here with this Bill of Rights idea. Thanks for the read up everyone,



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