What I am in Political Engagement for


Nope. I am not in politics to be a sheep to either of these two parties.

I am Advancing a Philosophy from around 2001-03 as my political engagement motives.

Hello. On this day, one day before Halloween, I have decided to talk to the internet now about why I do political engagement. It has nothing to do with the Democrats, the Republicans, or any third parties. Rather my political engagement is up and out there for the sake of promoting an ideology that started in 2003. This ideology has two names, neolibertarianism and republitarianism.

What are the Principles?

Republitarian principles (aka Neolibertarian principles) are five very simple tenets:

  1. The policy that prioritizes civil liberties above all else and only imposes blanket bans on violent crimes, property crimes and fraud is the best approach to addressing social issues and to shaping culture.
  2. The policy that takes the Constitution puristically and adheres to the principles of Western Democracy is the best approach to structuring government.
  3. The policy that implements tax cuts, deregulation, freedom of contract, free banking and ‘supply and demand’ under free enterprise is the best approach to managing the economy.
  4. The policy that builds what Thomas Jefferson called the ‘Empire of Liberty’ across the planet primarily through free trade, but also by other means if needed, is the best approach to foreign relations.
  5. The policy that retains a huge and strong, all-volunteer military and spends highly on the military and is eager to use it to passionately defend and promote liberty is the best approach to national defense.

That’s all of them. Very simple.

Compatibility with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Absolutely NOT! Hillary Clinton is a cultural marxist who wishes to keep everything else in US politics exactly like it is now. Donald Trump is a fiscal Keynesian who wishes to read up on and consistently break all ten rules of the Bill of Rights domestically, while aspiring to do war crimes to terroristic militias’ families abroad.

Both of these ‘people’ are purely and uniquely antithetical to all five principles of being Neolibertarian.


This ideology of republitarian and/or neolibertarian began in 2001 as a reaction among certain US Libertarian Partiers and countless libertarian Independents in America to the September 11th Attacks and to the Bush Doctrine.

Neolibertarianism was and is a September 2001 mirror-image of the USLP’s July 2000 platform that directly opposes the Party’s planks on the Foreign Affairs issues of Diplomatic policy, Military, Economic Policy, and International Relations. This ideology only mirrors the LP’s July 2000 platform’s foreign affairs agenda in regard to supporting free trade and opposing foreign aid.

Then in 2003 neolibertarianism grew as a result of the rise of online news media station “Questions and Observations“, founded by former local police guy turned author-blogger Dale Franks. Even now, QAO turns up 50,000 visitors per month, compared to Mark Humphrys, neolibertarian blogger in Dublin, turning up 170,000 per month (based on contracts of global rankings).

Neolibertarians in Congress?

Yes. Using the site ‘On The Issues‘ along with the Republican Liberty Caucus’s ‘Liberty Index‘, I as an ordinary voter can determine whether a politician ticks all five boxes of neolibertarian principle or not.

Applying the On the Issues criteria to the RLC Liberty Index, a voting record in the ‘Personal Liberty’ category between 60 and 100 means support for the 1st and 2nd principles of republitarian line of thought. As for ‘Economic Liberty’, a voting record with a score between 60 and 100 means endorsement of the 3rd principle of republitarian line of thought.

Furthermore, if someone ‘Supports’ the topics ‘Endorse American Exceptionalism’ and ‘Expand Free Trade’, then they hit all the neolibertarian notes on the 4th principle.

Lastly, if someone ‘Supports’ the topic ‘Expand the Military’ while ‘Opposing’ the topic ‘Avoid Foreign Engagement’, then that person is fully on board with the 5th principle. I will give you this list in a different post.


Thanks everyone for the read here,



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