New Year’s Pledges for 2017


Can you even New Years Resolutions? James Madison asks you.

I happen to be announcing my New Years Resolutions after Halloween Day in my State (Connecticut).

Well hello people. And if you live in the United States or other Western Democracy than Happy Halloween, as today is Halloween in my part of the US. But I am not posting this to talk about Halloween. Rather I am posting this to pledge to roll out new layers of my re-popularizing of republitarian & neolibertarian ideology.

I Promise To Start a Podcasting Show

What do I mean by a podcasting show? I am going to do lots of podcasts every single night and to make each one relevant to the world by doing each one in reply to a news story. Specifically, a news story I read via Google News using a selection of categories. I will make my podcast show to be a commentary on stories from within 10 minutes of each podcast’s recording time. And I will allow four-minute previews of each one on YouTube, and the full episodes will be on sale for an absurdly affordable price per download at iTunes, Google Play, and AmazonMP3.

I Guarantee I’ll Start an online monthly magazine

Whether I create a new domain or buy over a currently existing domain on a URL store like HugeDomains remains to be seen. But either way I will begin an online news magazine for neolibertarianism that I will be selling people subscriptions to. I am not naming this or the podcast show online yet because I do not want people stealing my name ideas, or my marketing plans. Which is also why I am not naming the exact prices yet. All you need to know for now is that I am going to sell ads to Google and monthly subs to ordinary people for substantially less than one would pay for a monthly service like Netflix.


There is more ideas to come, but for now I am keeping those between myself and a few true friends. Thank you for the read,



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