What does the Donald Trump Presidency Means for the Republitarian Ideology?


Yeah… what exactly will Donald Trump do that’ll unintentionally make a difference for republitarianism? And will that difference be good or bad for this ideology?

Donald Trump may actually drive GOP neolibertarians into becoming LP neolibertarians instead.

First of all, what even is the republitarian and neolibertarian ideology? World Wizzy explains what that was in 2007 here.

Nowadays, it is onto me to define this ideology correctly:

  • Republitarianism is a libertarian philosophy that endorses constitutionalism in a classically liberal republic domestically while prioritizing a generally tough and vigilant foreign policy of self-interest and defensive posture.

In other words, republitarian is the shorter word for Pro-Defense, Pro-America & Pro-Israel libertarian. Longer word is basically neolibertarian, as one can already guess.

Any republitarians in public office?

Yes. There are many in Congress that can be considered ‘neolibertarian’ based on their domestic policy record as recorded by the Liberty Index meshed with their foreign policy record as recorded by On The Issues. This means those who vote in favor of Civil Liberties and in favor of Economic Rights eight or more times out of ten. And also those who vote in favor of American Exceptionalism, in favor of Big Stick policy, and against ignoring real threats to US citizens.

Some in the House are:

  • Jeff Duncan
  • Scott Perry
  • Mo Brooks
  • Mick Mulvaney
  • Dana Rohrabacher
  • Tom McClintock
  • Michael Burgess
  • Louie Gohmert
  • Jody Hice

Some in the Senate are:

  • Mike Enzi
  • Cory Gardner
  • Charles/Chuck Grassley
  • Ron Johnson
  • James Lankford
  • Mike Lee
  • Richard Shelby
  • Dan Sullivan
  • John Thune

And so there are some national-level public officers who are basically republitarians in theory and in practice. I would try to do research into State and Local level neolibertarian public servants, but there are no Liberty Index records for anyone on State or Local level.

What Trump means for neolibertarianism in the U.S. Libertarian Party

My guess and hope is that all the Housemen and Senators I named above will leave the GOP over how disgusted I have no doubt they’ll be over Donald Trump. This way, myself and other LP republitarians can sweep in and change the following parts of the LP platform to read as follows:

3.1 National Defense

We support keeping the US military the strongest national defense on Earth by a long, long way. This is due to the crucial role the US military presence abroad plays in keeping free trade and freedom of movement easy on American merchants and on American tourists. In addition to opposing any shrinks to the US military’s size, we also oppose any form of mandatory national service. When it comes to war, we say do not go to war just to spread democracy or liberty. But, if some tyranny is an indisputable threat to the American People, then we say destroy that threat on its soil by any means needed. If some tyranny is not a threat to the American People, the US should neither wage war on it nor make friends with it.

3.3 International Affairs

American foreign policy should seek an America that sees the world as it is, accepts all realities of the world no matter how painful many of them are, and adopts a defensive posture. Our foreign policy should not be one of pacifism until attacked, but should also not be one of cultural imperialism, nation building or policing the world. Rather US foreign policy should be a middle ground that is ready and willing to defend the American People from foreign aggression by any means needed, including the defeat of aggressors on their soil. We oppose any form of foreign aid, military or otherwise. But we do not immediately deny or ignore the role US military presence abroad has played in fostering a Post-WW2 planetary order of free trade and open immigration. The United States also needs a clear taste in friends, as Thomas Paine argued in his book ‘Common Sense‘ that tyrannies will go to war out of pride in situations wherein free societies will not. Therefore America needs to pursue honest friendship with free societies.

Basically, if we can reform the LP platform’s foreign policy to be about American Self-Loving and Defensive Posture, then we will enable the LP to replace our corrupt two-party system.


Thanks for the read, my reading audience,


P.S. I am going to be using online software to create a newer, better website for all these political thoughts of mine. Good bye now.


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