How do we Advance the Master Cause of Liberty?


We might need to invoke the Ninth Amendment to advance certain “rights to” and “freedoms of”.

We the Libertarians need to get our brains together and prove that libertarianism is indeed Digital Age Science for millennials.

Hello, fellow Libertarian Party activists! Know anything about me? Well, either way, we may need to engage in the most pragmatic tactics that exist in order to advance our ideas. Furthermore, there are some libertarian instincts that the libertarian movement of America needs to renounce in order to get on the same page with normal people on certain issues.

However, this does not mean we cannot set a list of principles in stone; in fact, quite the opposite! We need to set in iron a list of principles that balance making sense for libertarianism with making sense for scientific and historic realities.

Carving The Principles Into Iron

So… what exactly should we as libertarians be promoting in the way of principles? Well, we ought to be basing our principles on specific human rights, including and especially the treatment of Economic Rights as human rights.

Here I have thought up a simple list, in no particular order:

  1. Torture is inherently wrong, especially as a prison condition
  2. Forced disappearance is always wrong, even if done to the evilest barbarian in one’s nation
  3. Freedom of Thought is necessary for people to be able to insure their own intellectual honesties
  4. Freedom of the Press is the prerequisite for honest and simple journalism
  5. Freedom of Religion is mandatory for mutual respect between all religious and secular demographics
  6. Science absolutely breathes the Freedom of Expression and if any limits are set to free expression, than science stops functioning healthily
  7. Freedoms of Assembly and Association are necessary to allow for grassroots level lobbying, petitioning, and/or protesting
  8. Privacy and Security are both equally vital to keeping civilization civilized
  9. Legal Equality is the best kind of equality, but also the only equality humanity really needs
  10. Due Process, mainly because of its innocent-until-proven-guilty nature, should always be a requirement to any crime case
  11. Right to Life and Freedom of Choice are both equally as important as one-another, as all humanity has a trilogy of rights: Life, Liberty, Happiness.
  12. A fair trial is defined as one wherein the trial is publicly known about and processed by a midsize to large squad called a Jury. Fair trials also include both plaintiff and defendant having rights to lawyers and rights to both be heard out on their cases for their sides. That’s why we need fair trials.
  13. Bodily Integrity is something of uttermost individual importance, which is why it must be upheld in all issues and for all individual human beings.
  14. Every human has a right to own property and make the rules for his or her own property, but only if those rules allow visitors and workers freedom from fraud, from force and from theft
  15. All humans have an individual right to make, the right to trade, and the right to buy as well as the right to sell, as long as they behave honestly and peacefully about it
  16. Freedom of movement is the right of all humans, only people who have used force, fraud or theft against the innocent lack this right
  17. Freedom of contract; the right of individuals to make contracts with only enough government restrictions to forbid force, fraud and theft; is inherently a good thing for human beings in general
  18. Political Freedoms like the right to vote, the right to petition, the right to lobby; should not have any limits set to them unless the limits are indisputably about confronting force, fraud or theft
  19. Government needs to be a deeply decentralized, Constitution-guided, Western-cultured Republic that has at least three branches of government, with Executive and Legislative being respectively the lowest and highest authorities of the three or more
  20. Government does not and shall not legislate any opinion in particular on modern social issues, but rather government programs are just for protecting people and liberty from fraud, from aggressor force and from theft; even if defender force is required in some cases.

A Scientific Realism Problem

Scientific Realism is a thought process that in the Digital Age more than ever could be of severe productivity to libertarians. One domestic example of this is healthcare policy. I might be the first libertarian to have learned this, but there are Fiscally Libertarian models of Universal Healthcare, models that put Australians and Israelis among the top ten healthiest peoples on Earth. Canada and Britain, the Left’s favorite samples of UHC, fail to make the top 50 in the list of Earth’s healthiest human populations. Think of it this way, my political brethren… but this is only one sample.


The whole point of this post is that the liberty movement as a whole needs to engage in the strategy of clearly defining the above twenty principles and also the tactic of looking around and asking “What are the best policies of balancing scientific realism with classical liberalism?” That’s all and thanks,



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