Socialists Confuse The Distinction Between Libertarian And Anarchist.


“Okay, why exactly are these trolls calling us Anarchists!?”

Libertarians differ from Anarchists by favoring very minimalist amounts of government, regulation and taxes.

But that is not the only way. There are plenty of ways, looking at the histories of anarchism vs libertarianism, that libertarian and anarchist are in fact not synonyms.

Anarcho-Capitalism, for example, is not a form of libertarianism but rather a form of anarchism. And this is the one thing I as a neolibertarian heavily disparage this article, that I otherwise love, on. It’s author even takes what should not be called ‘libertarian socialism’ at all and calls it that anyway. Instead we ought to call that ideology left-wing anarchism, just as Anarcho-Capitalist is right-wing anarchism. But on to the differences!

1. Just Because We Want A Minimalistic Republic does NOT mean we don’t want government.

This is the very first heinously false piece of info that socialism and progressivism are total addicts to spitting out about libertarians. The very first way these two confuse us with anarchists is they claim we don’t want any level of government at all.

Just because we are skeptical of the government’s ability to do anything beyond defending human beings’ lives, liberties and properties does not mean we want to abolish or even privatize the entire government. Rather, we want to stringently limit government to abiding by a clear set of classically liberal, SMALL-D democratic principles. And we libertarians call this kind of documentation of supreme law of the land a ‘Constitution’.

We the Libertarians differ from They the Anarchists in that we actually want a Western-cultured, Freedom-defending Secular Humanist Democracy. One that is required to stay Western, Permissive, Secular, and Democratic by a constitution.

Which is why the only legit ‘ism’ to lay onto is Libertarians is “Constitutionalist”. Not Anarchist, only constitutionalist. See the definition here.

2. Just Because we want people to be so free that initial aggressor force, fraud and theft are the only illegal moves does not mean we don’t want any regulation at all.

Here is heinously false piece of info number two. Libertarians do not want to abolish all regulation of anything. Totally a wrong claim, the factually honest claim is to say we want to limit government power and regulation to just what’s necessary to deter force, fraud and theft. For example, the regulation we want imposed on force goes something like this.

  • In a Digital-Age Western Democracy, force can only be justified when used to defend oneself or others from initial aggressor force.

Furthermore, when fellow libertarians and I say “theft” on this list of things worth banning, we really mean Property Crimes in general.

3. Just Because we want low taxes and to limit government budgets to just deterring fraud, force & theft does not mean we don’t want society to have any other societal functions.

Perhaps the best-known confusion between libertarian and anarchist made by progressivism is this third one right here. The fact that we want taxation to be at low rates and to match or outweigh spending. And the fact that we want spending to only be on programs that are specifically for protecting life, liberty and property from fraud, force and theft. Neither of these translates to hatred of other societal functions.

For example, neolibertarians like me believe that national government should stick stringently to defending life, liberty and pursuit of happiness from force, fraud and theft on a foreign policy level. And also that all domestic protection of these three rights from those three wrongs should be done by state and local governments. Lastly, we agree with the other schools of actual libertarianism on letting all other societal functions be handled by private forces. By this we mean individual humans, small businesses, organized religions, secular morality clubs, political activist clubs, other kinds of mutual thought & action clubs, and of course volunteer charities. Even private schools like that Quinnipiac University thing that is conveniently located one town south of me (I’m in Cheshire CT, QU is in Hamden, CT) are examples of private entities that can provide high quality education.


This is all I can really name, at least all the biggest. Thank you all for reading this my readers,



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