Libertarians Outside of the LP Divided on What America’s Foreign Policy Need Be

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Yeah so what exactly is real foreign policy opinion in the U.S. liberty movement?

Widespread Uncertainty among Libertarian Dems, Reps and Inds about what America needs for foreign policy.

So I have done yet another revisit of this article from Pew Research Center about foreign policy, and this libertarians article to. Knowing also from Gallup that Democrats, Republicans and Independents respectively make up 29%, 26%, and 42% of Americans; I might as well project some facts one only needs basic facts to discover.

There are 325 million people in the nation this year, and that’s why the numbers will be as they are in this article.

While the Libertarian Party basically worships pacifism…

Most libertarians who will never associate with the Libertarian Party (myself included starting tomorrow after I get off work at 4:00 PM) are about as uncertain as the general public; but there do seem to be some parallels.

Before we begin, there are about 36 million libertarians in the nation in total; 20 million (56%) are Independents, 10 million (28%) are Republicans, 6 million (16%) are Democrats. But across all three of these partisanships, there seems to be a pattern among libertarians who are within the ‘DRI’ system (Democrats-Republicans-Independents).

US Global Role and US Military Superpower

Grouping the moderate wings of both mainstream parties as the ‘libertarian’ wings, it appears that 57% of libertarian Democrats (3.4 million), 60% of libertarian Republicans (6 million), and 63% of libertarian Independents (12.6 million) can all agree that the only humans America has a moral obligation to defend, protect and avenge are those who are American citizens.

However, it is also agreed between these three groups that the US military should be the only military on Earth who is a superpower:

  • 60% of libertarian Republicans (6 million) agree
  • 64% of libertarian Democrats (3.8 million) agree
  • 52% of libertarian Independents (10.4 million including me very soon) agree

Foreign Aggressors And Defense Budget

While the L-partiers in libertarian ideology are whitewashing Islamic Statessponsoring of Jihad to promote hatred of America, overwhelming majorities of D-partiers, R-partiers, and Independents in libertarian ideology are agreeing to put aside Party and unite against these Jihad sponsoring States. Libertarian Democrats who class the global Jihad and the Islamic States who sponsor it as a major enemy of America number at 5.2 million, or 87%. Libertarian Independents who share this understanding number at about 15.2 million meaning statistically 76%. Libertarian Republicans who agree with their Independent and Democrat counterparts on this belief number at 8.8 million, meaning 88%.

As for tensions with Russia, it is clear you don’t have to be mentally stuck in the Cold War to be a Pro-Defense Libertarian. Only half of libertarian Democrats call Digital Age Russia a major enemy of America, 3 million. Only 51% of libertarian Independents see Russia as severe problem for America, 10.2 million. Only 49% of libertarian Republicans, 4.9 million, believe Russia to be a major threat to American humans.

Turning to the U.S. Military and keeping them the best-funded military on Earth, as is needed to protect liberty from foreign aggression, seems to be a lost cause to the Libertarian Party. This is a party who openly pledges to ‘dramatically downsize’ the US military, even though its preeminence overseas is mandatory to keeping trade and immigration much more common than war.

Libertarians outside of the LP, on the other hand, seem to mostly agree on accepting the moral necessity of keeping American soldiers the most numerous, highest funded, best trained and most healthily cared-for on Earth. Here are the numbers reflecting that.

  • 45% (4.5 million) of libertarian Republicans accept the need for a stronger US military, while 39% (3.9 million) of them are okay with the US military being exactly strong as it is now.
  • 40% (8 million) libertarian Independents are satisfied with current US military strength while I will very soon be among 31% (6.2 million) who accept the logistical and moral necessity of a stronger US military.
  • 51% (3 million) libertarian Democrats are okay with current US military strength while 26% (1.6 million) agree with me that a stronger US military is good for increasing the favorites played with trade and immigration over warfare.

The War On Jihad and how to Address Islamic States Sponsoring Jihad

As the Libertarian Party is flagellating itself, lying through its members’ mouths, by claiming the America is to blame for every single Jihad that happens on Earth, libertarians of party affiliations D, R, and I approve of the War On Jihad but disagree about how to conduct it.

6.6 million libertarian Republicans, 3.9 million libertarian Democrats, and 11.4 million libertarian Independents can all agree on Approving of the War on Jihad declared by George W. Bush after 9/11 and revived by Barack H. Obama in reply to 2014 controversies about ISIS.

But then this where the disagreement begins. Where in the LP voters are brainwashed into thinking that sending in US Ground Troops to defeat Jihadist militias, libertarians who prefer reality over the LP (as the Independent I am does) disagree about how to defeat them.

For example, 10.2 million Independents in the libertarian movement oppose sending in ground troops, I am one of 9 million who favor it. Also, 5.8 million Republicans of the libertarian movement support sending in infantry, 4.1 million Democrats of the libertarian movement agree and 5.7 million libertarian Democrats disagree.

What’s the best way to defeat Jihad in reality in the Digital Age? I am a libertarian Independent who believes that the only way to defeat Jihad in the Digital Age is to annihilate the Greater Middle East theocracies who sponsor it, combining actual military with Letters of Marque and Reprisal. Evidently 9 million other Independents in libertarianism agree with me on that. As do 5.6 million Republicans in libertarianism, and as do 2.5 million Democrats in libertarianism, while disagreement with me on this comes from 3.4 million libertarian Democrats.

1948-Present Arab-Israeli War

Back in 1948; Saudi Arabia lead a coalition consisting of Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Sudan into War of Aggression against Israel. Only one year after Israel was set up by Britain as humanitarian compensation to the Jewish People for the Nazi-German Holocaust. Egypt and Jordan controlled a land called Gaza and a land called West Bank, respectively, since that year.

These days, the Libertarian Party’s voter base instinctively demonizes Israel and whitewashes its 7+ enemies as part of its official platform. But where do all the reality-based libertarians sit?

Marvelously, 6.5 million libertarian Republicans and 3.2 million libertarian Democrats know the moral necessity of siding with Israel. I am also joined by 10.4 million libertarian Independents on this issue, as I side with Israel against Saudi Arabia and its coalition regarding the Arab-Israeli War.


So as we can see, major party libertarians and Independent libertarians like me do lean more to Non-intervention than to Humanitarian intervention in regards to which humans it is America’s job to defend. But myself, other libertarian Independents, and also libertarians of the major parties are dramatically more in touch with reality and have drastically more in common with everyday Americans on foreign policy than the LP will ever allow itself to. Thanks for reading,



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