Interventionism and Nonintervention are Not an On or off Switch


Libertarians need to adopt a legit foreign policy. Which begins with noting that choice is NOT “Yes to foreign intervention or No to foreign intervention”.

Nonintervention is not an On or Off switch, and should not be treated like one. Especially not by libertarians.

For the longest time I have seen nonintervention as inherently wrong for the cause of Liberty. But then I discovered the fact that foreign intervention and nonintervention are not an on or off switch. I learned from research that the question is not “Are we going to be Foreign Interventionist or Non Interventionist?”. But instead the true foreign policy question is “How much foreign intervention does our nation need to engage in?”

And thus I bring you all this post.

What the Reality Based Answer Is.

Finding the reality based answer requires asking the question “What is the purpose of Government?” Well, according to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, the purpose of the government is this. “To establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and Secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity“.

So, in short, the purpose of the U.S. federal government is to secure Justice, Tranquility, Well-being, and Liberty for current and future Americans.

The reason I declare this the answer to the ‘purpose of government’ question is because libertarians and classical liberals (aka ACTUAL liberals) have something in common. We are Constitutionalists, greatly in favor of a Western Democracy that abides by a classically liberal Constitution like the U.S. constitution.

So really, the answer to the foreign intervention question of how much we need is honestly a vague one that the meaning of can vary by nation-specific situation.

And that foreign intervention answer is “Only as much or little as is mandatory to establish justice, provide defense, promote well-being, and secure freedom for current and future American humans.”

The Meaning of the answer

Given the answer to the foreign intervention question; this means the purpose of the U.S. federal government is not:

  • To impose democracy on foreign populations
  • To bribe Egypt to copy and paste Swedish economics
  • To dump food into intent of ending foreign famines

NONE of the above. The purpose of the fed is to defend justice, well-being, civil liberties and economic rights for all of the American People.

Also, allow us to look at the mainstream libertarian rhetoric about never waging war unless its within in our borders and even then only for defending American soil. Now think about the differences you were raised on from birth to know between Soil and Humans. Such rhetoric is inappropriate! It is open refusal to do the U.S. fed gov’s one Constitutional Job! It is directly rejecting the Constitutional task to Ensure Domestic Tranquility by claiming there is no need to confront and defeat an initial aggressor unless that aggressor is destroying U.S. property and killing U.S. people in the U.S.! It is rather callously disregarding domestic tranquility, as well as callously DEMOTING the General Welfare of the American People. And as for Justice, Well-being and Freedom for future Americans (including ones who are currently teens but will eventually or soon be adults), this mainstream libertarian moral sickness actively opposes the constitutional “Securing of Liberty onto our Posterity”.

What should U.S. Libertarian Foreign Policy Be?

Knowing there is more to the American Constitution than just the Preamble, how do libertarians formulate a Middle Ground foreign policy that…

  • Establishes Justice,
  • Ensures Domestic Tranquility,
  • Provides diamond-hard Common Defense,
  • Promotes General Welfare,
  • and Secures Freedom for American humans of every age, including fertilized unborn Americans?
  • Without giving the power to Wage Defensive Wars or the power to Issue Death Marques to anyone outside of the Legislative Branch?

Well, the fact that only the Legislative Branch can declare wars or issue marques means that the Executive, despite its harboring of one called “Commander in Chief”, exists only to operate overseas as the Legislative directs and permits it.

That’s one of many points of our Constitutional Republic.

Granted all of the above Libertarian foreign policy in America in the Digital Age should be a matter of abiding purely but only by the American Constitution.

“Constitutional Egoism”, I call it. If libertarians are constitutionalists by definition and mainly by our difference from anarchists, then U.S. libertarian foreign policy should care only about upholding the U.S. Constitution equally for all U.S. citizens.

  • Why to engage with the world should be answered only with the Preamble of the Constitution.
  • How to engage with the world should be answered only with Article One, Section Eight, Clauses Ten to Eighteen of the Constitution.


I hope I have explained this well. Thank you anyone who read this,



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