What Work to do on fabricating Libertarian Foreign Policy


We The People must have a sensible discussion about U.S. libertarian foreign policy.

What’s the Purpose of Government in foreign policy?

Generally, what is the purpose of government in any sphere of life? We ought to look at the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Preamble, before we answer that question. The preamble reads this.

“We The People, in order to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity…”

Some fancy words, not so much big words, are used in the official Preamble of U.S. Constitutional law. Allow me to define them.

  • Tranquility is the condition of being peaceful
  • Welfare, in the constitutional preamble, just means human well-being
  • Posterity is a blanket reference to future generations

Libertarian Foreign Policy

We as libertarians must call for an American foreign policy of Constitutionalism that only cares about securing justice, homeland tranquility, well being, economic freedom, and civil liberty for Americans. This is as opposed to Ron Paul’s Just War Theorist brand of Nonintervention, as opposed to the Democracy Promotion policy of George W. Bush, and as opposed to the Humanitarian Intervention policy of Barack H. Obama.

We as libertarians must accept and assert that the American People are able to safely do free trade and free migration with almost any foreign country because of American Military presence in a majority of America’s neighbors. And we must accept and assert that U.S. membership in multilateralism clubs like OECD and NATO has been of great benefit to America’s ability to defend the constitutional rights of Americans.

Libertarians should continue to assert that trade and migration make for better foreign relations than war, but should stop using this fact of life as an excuse to discredit the US military for its facilitation of world peace.

The War On Terrorism

If libertarians ever want to become the norm in U.S. politics, they need to start accepting and asserting the fact of life that the Islamic States sent their Jihad militias to war against the United States because these States and Militias hate the American People’s acceptance of Non-Islamic moralities. No more asserting that it’s because of the CIA story of blowback, or that it’s because of their lack of wealth, or that it’s because most Americans are Pro-Israel.

Libertarians like me need to do as I do by promoting the idea that America is not at war with the behavior of terrorism but rather the philosophy of Salafism. Just like how World War Two and the Cold War were wars against Nazism and Stalinism, respectively.

And we as libertarians need to explain Salafism exactly like it is. Which means we as a movement need to be claiming that the Salafis are theocratic extremists within the Islamic community who wish to dictate every aspect of human living and to replace every nation’s constitution with their own puritanical interpretation of the Koran. We need to claim that Salafis want to use copies of the Koran as national, state and city constitutions, that they want to spread a Koranic purist monarchy across the globe, and we need to prove with unedited records that they constantly express this desire openly.

Morals for Defensive War

Libertarians have the intellectual capacity to form an unprecedented and very Constitutionalist minded morality for warfare, but remorsefully have not used this intellectual capacity. This must change.

When America goes to war, it should only be a matter of the Legislative Branch issuing both a declaration of war and a Letter of Marque and Reprisal, and even so only to defend the American People from foreign aggression. The resulting collaboration of US military and mercenary militaries must do everything visibly mandatory to destroying the initial aggressor, on the initial aggressor’s soil. If taking no prisoners and bulldozing every building under enemy military control is mandatory to ending the threat to America’s People and Constitution, then US libertarians need to support it. The specific goal of this total war needs to be the unconditional surrender of the enemy people to respecting the American People’s rights to Life, Liberty and Prosperity. After the regime of the enemy country is destroyed, the United States needs to bring about 80% of its original force home while still leaving behind just enough troops to oversee the defeated enemy maturing via free trade into a classically liberal nation as Germany, Italy and Japan did after World War Two.

Looking at current events, these Islamic States need to be severely attacked in order to crush their ability and will to aid any level of Jihad at all. Saudi Arabia has sponsored most of 9/11 and recently threatened economic damage to the US if it educates the American People about how the Saudis overtly export Salafism. The proper libertarian response is to take that as Saudi Arabia asking for total war on them by the American People. In fact, Saudi Arabia needs to be the primary target of the War on Salafism. This is with all other openly declared Islamic States in the Greater Middle East as secondary targets; and make ISIS, Taliban and other Jihad militias to be tertiary targets.

Israel and other foreign Free Societies

Whether it is Israel, Sweden or some other Western Democracy aka Free Society, libertarians should be calling it a morally good nation. And should be calling for US diplomacy abroad to openly play favorites with America’s fellow free societies, aka fellow Western Democracies. Libertarians should be talking in a positive light about mutual respect between free nations, not all nations, and should advocate for honest U.S. friendship with Israel and other Free Societies only.

And Israel is not the only one. Japan and South Korea should be nations that libertarians play favorites with over China and North Korea on a world wide diplomacy level. When it comes to muslim-majority nations, libertarians need to advocate a diplomacy of extensive favoritism to Albania, because that’s the Islamic World’s freest society.


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