How Libertarians Ought to Determine an Existential Threat To American Interests

Iraq War Name

Libertarians need to not just be open to calling these guys in as default resort. But also libertarians like me need to know as I already do when its right to call these guys in.

When should libertarians call for U.S. military action overseas?

I recently came around preferring to call myself a classical liberal instead of calling myself a libertarian. And if you contrast this essay you’re about to read to the rhetoric you hear from most proudly self-professed libertarians on military policy, you’ll see why. So please read this essay before making that side-by-side contrast, if you want.

When a U.S. National Interest is in danger.

But wait, one may say as to ask, What is a national interest? Let me explain…

Given that definition, let us look at the constitution. Specifically, the Preamble. What does this thing say?

  • We the People, in order to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty onto ourselves and our posterity; do ordain and establish the this constitution for the United States of America.

I have underlined and italicized the terms that are relevant to this discussion. These are constitutionally our national interests. Our constitutional national interests by category are:


  1. Establishing Justice for all American merchants & workers
  2. Insuring Domestic Tranquility for all American merchants & workers
  3. Providing the common defense onto all American merchants & workers
  4. Promoting the General Well-being (that’s what the constitution means by welfare) for all American merchants & workers
  5. Securing Economic Liberty onto all American merchants & workers


  1. Establishing Justice for all American civilians
  2. Insuring domestic tranquility for all American civilians
  3. Providing the common defense onto all American civilians
  4. Promoting the general well-being of all American civilians
  5. Securing Economic and Civil Liberty for all American civilians


  1. Establishing Justice for Americans of all lifestyles
  2. Insuring domestic tranquility for Americans of all lifestyles
  3. Providing the common defense onto Americans of all lifestyles
  4. Promoting the General well-being for Americans of all lifestyles
  5. Securing Civil Liberty for Americans of all lifestyles

What exactly endangers a National Interest?

When some tyrannical society decides its going to use its establishment military or some like-minded guerrilla militias to carry out genocide or terrorism or other violent crimes against Americans, that’s ringing all bells in the Constitutional Preamble like this.

  1. By Disestablishing justice of Americans
  2. By Revoking domestic tranquility of Americans
  3. By Undermining common defense of Americans
  4. By Demoting the general well-being of Americans
  5. By Ravaging Economic Rights and Personal Freedoms of Americans

When some tyrannical society decides it wants to dominate or destroy a fellow free society that the American People have customers, employees, family and/or friends in, that’s against all five of Everyday Americans’ constitutionally defined national interests.

Can I Give A Hypothetical Example of a Foreign Aggression Against American Constitutional Interests?

Yes, I can.

If the Iranian government was to issue a fatwa against twelve American-born Shia women of US citizenship for giving up on Shia Islam to become Deists, telling Iranian military to kill them wherever they are as ‘apostates’. Then the United States People would have every right to destroy the Iranian regime, including its entire military, on Iranian soil. And the reason for that is because Iran is revoking justice, tranquility, well-being, and liberty from these twelve innocent ladies.

What About a Historic Example that actually happened?

Let’s trek back to the American Civil War era. Why did the American civil war start? Well, it was because the southern half of the country wanted to secede from the Union to avoid having to respect the Article One Section Nine mandate to abolish slavery during 1808.

Instead these American states wanted to deny domestic tranquility to Americans on basis of skin color, and also deny them justice, defense, well-being and liberty. This was the Confederate States in the 1860’s violating the Constitution and directly harming American Constitutional Interests as defined above. And thus William T Sherman had to do the Savannah Campaign to the Slave States; in order to bring justice, tranquility, defense, well-being and liberty to black Americans and other American minorities living in the Confederate States.


Well, that’s my viewpoint. Only use military actions and mercenary hirings to directly defend US Constitutional interests as defined in the Preamble. But after the enemy is destroyed; do what we did with Germany, Japan and Italy post-WW2 by drafting the defeated nation a constitution to build their new government on; bring 80% of US troops home while leaving the rest behind to oversee free trade being opened with the people of the defeated nation.

Thanks readers;



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