How to Propose Libertarian Policies without Ignoring Reality.


Yeah, none of these guys created America by being ideologues and philosophical gatekeepers. Sorry fellow libertarians that’s just the truth.

Libertarians have infinite trouble getting libertarian ideals normalized, here’s how to fix that.

Ultimately, libertarianism currently subjects itself to an identity crisis domestically, and relies extensively on emotion, dogma, and ideological gatekeeping to spread the ideals.

Furthermore, we as a movement have no clear affirmation as to whether we are descendants of classical liberalism or descendants of radical anarchism or descendants of Christian conservatism or descendants of far left Progressivism.

Worst of all, at least to me, the libertarian movement in America espouses and openly tries to scare anyone who wears the ‘libertarian’ label into espousing a severely suicidal foreign policy. One that lethally denies or trivializes real threats to U.S. Constitutional interests in justice, tranquility, well-being and liberty for all of the American People. One that also demands censorship of information about the logistical mandate that U.S. military presence overseas will never stop being to keep free trade and free migration the global norm.

So here I am about to propose the ways to fix these problems.

Scientific Method, History Lessons, Easy-going Humor and Healthy Empathizing

Here I have listed four behaviors we as libertarians need to engage in; two being tools, and the other two being actual behaviors. The ultra-reliance on rhetoric, radicalism, emotional arguments, ideological gatekeeping and being ideologues needs to STOP.

First let us examine Scientific Method. Every time we propose a policy we need to do this:

  1. Question the policy idea
  2. Gather facts and resources to observe
  3. Form an explanatory Hypothesis
  4. Test this by performing an experiment and collecting data about the hypothesis
  5. Analyze the data recorded from the experiment
  6. Draw a conclusion for the hypothesis
  7. Propose the policy idea

Next we examine History Lessons. We as a movement need to tell the history exactly as it’s been recorded while still putting it in Young Adult context. The days of teaching conspiracy theories as history facts and putting them in Elderly adult context are done!

Okay now I can explain what I mean by easy-going humor. Or rather, easy-going sense of humor. Libertarians as a movement need an Easy-going sense of humor as that is something most Americans want in leaders. This is along with toughness, empathy, intelligence, wisdom, rationality, etc.

Lastly we come to Healthy Empathizing, this means we need a middle ground form of empathizing with other humans. For example if someone has suffered and survived a violent crime we as a movement need to empathize with the victim while being eager to exert harshness against his/her attacker. We need to be pursuing justice for that individual and we need to think of his/her attacker as a barbarian. No compromise there, it’s what most Americans want in a movement seeking to normalize its own political ideals.

Libertarians are the Political Descendants of Classical Liberalism.

Pretty official, I think, this is something very important to point out. Libertarian is simply the modern synonym for Classical Liberal. We as a movement need to carry on all the traditions of classical liberalism, not just the ones who fit some anarchist or pacifist narrative. These traditions are:

  1. Civil Liberties
  2. Political Freedom
  3. Western Democracy
  4. Rule of Law
  5. Constitutionalism
  6. Economic Rights
  7. Natural Law
  8. Scientific Progress

Notice how all of these are all about domestic policy, so what about foreign and defense policy?

Common Defense and Free Trade

Libertarians need to give up on a certain behavior in order to come off to most Americans as relatable. That behavior is demanding everyone to accept that somehow merging paranoid conspiracy theories against any level of American involvement overseas with naive pacifism that believes barbarians will civilize themselves if we invite them to be friends and customers to us. Such behavior needs to stop, and will never allow us libertarians to normalize ourselves. We need to look at all of the facts about:

  1. Most Americans wanting the US military to be both the world’s toughest military by a long-long way and a military that only defends its own people.
  2. Most Americans opposing cuts to US military funding and seeing Jihadist militias as top threats.
  3. Most Americans approving the US military campaign against Jihadist militias.
  4. Most Americans siding with Israel against the Arab League regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
  5. Most Americans viewing multilateral organizations like NATO and OECD favorably.

And then we need to look at all the historic facts, exactly as they have been recorded, as to eventually figure out why most Americans hold these opinions. We also need to be very careful not to rely on sources that are emotionally biased and that lack objectivity. And this does not mean we stick to anti-Defense addictions in order to serve personal feelings. NO, we need to examine all the facts and objectively arrive at conclusions that will have us coming off to the American People as the best-informed political activist wave in America.


Thanks for reading,



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