What do you mean Libertarian Neocons?


I dedicate this responsive article to Thomas Jefferson, who gave us Empire of Liberty and the Declaration of Independence.

Mother Jones Magazine comes off to me as stereotyping my kind of libertarian, the Neolibertarians.

Hello. I am an Irish atheist center-right secular liberal who wants to talk to you today about an article from probably half a decade ago in Mother Jones Magazine.

Specifically, this portion of an article they wrote some time ago, a portion they call Libertarian Theology. I want to home in on this part though:


Most of us neolibertarians do Not identify as “libertarian neocon”, MotherJones! And most of us nowadays believe the Iraq War was mostly a mistake and a bad idea. I for example believe that the initial destroying of Saddam’s regime was heroic but that the eight-year Democracy Crusade afterward was all about totally bad ideas.

Yes, that’s right! This whole article is bringing up foreign and defense policy differences within the neolibertarian faction of America’s libertarian movement!

We neolibertarians are the Anti-Just-War-Theory wing of libertarianism in America.

What is Just War Theory? It is basically a nearly-pacifistic national security doctrine that demands a society severely limit its eagerness to defend itself.

Most libertarians are Just War Theorists and/or pacifists, basically just career diplomats. But not neolibertarians, no. We tend to look into alternative theories. And although Neoconservatism is not on the alternative theories list, there are still some libertarian neocons here and there.

For example, one of my fellow Libertarian Defense Caucus people, the National Co-chair he is, calls himself a ‘libertarian realist’. I am not naming names as I do not intend to misrepresent any of my fellow Libertarian Defense Campers.

Then there seem to be ‘libertarian objectivists’, people who look solely to Ayn Rand Institute authors like Elan Journo for foreign policy advise.

Next we come to ‘libertarian idealists’, people who believe in spreading libertarian ideals as official foreign policy.

And of course some neolibertarians can be called ‘libertarian consequentialists’, people who believe that the intention (direct national self-defense) justifies the methods (even if those methods contradict nearly all just war theory pillars).

Lastly we come to the group I call myself one of but only in the sense of basic dictionary definitions of the two words. ‘Libertarian militarists’, classically liberal types who desire a strong military capability and favor ruthless use of it to defend and promote national interests. If you don’t know what a national interest is then…

  • A national interest is one of a country’s cultural, defensive and/or economic goals.

I personally tend to invoke the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution to clearly and simply define what U.S. national interests are. Not sure if I am able to speak for other libertarian militarists though.


Thus the main differences between individual neolibertarians lie within very specific issues. But the thing we all agree on is being the world’s go-to Pro-Defense, Pro-America libertarianism. Thanks for reading this,



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