Explaining My Political Identity


Friedrich Hayek – a very fine economist!

I do not exactly fit in 100% with either US political party in particular.

Hello again world. Today I am going to fashion a writing about how I describe myself politically, mainly for a site I recommend called Minds, which is in beta at the time of me doing this.

If I were to keep myself brief on where I sit in each major philosophy in America from now until my passing, I’d call myself a cultural liberal and a fiscal conservative. In other words, I’d call myself a libertarian but only in the sense of a pragmatic & beltway libertarian and/or neolibertarian. Please allow me to define these terms.

Cultural Liberal

  • A human being who believes very strongly in freedom from cultural norms, and believes the only unlisted social rules in place should be rules against fraud, against property crimes and against violent crimes.

Fiscal Conservative

  • A human being who very strongly supports balancing budgets, reversing deficits into surpluses, keeping taxation minimalist, and keeping government Non-defense budgets minimalist. Fiscal conservatives like me also favor opening free trade and keeping market regulation minimalist. And most, myself proudly included, endorse privatization of social institutions like marriage and others.

Pragmatic & Beltway Libertarian

  • A fiscally conservative and culturally liberal person who wants to stick to cultural liberalisms and fiscal conservatisms that are marketable. And the reason ‘beltway’ libertarian is a synonym for ‘pragmatic’ libertarian is because the kind of libertarian I am wants to stick to culturally liberal reforms and fiscally conservative reforms that are electable.


  • A pragmatic & beltway libertarian who desires a strong military capability and supports remarkably ruthless use of that military for Self-Defense and Defense of Others. Furthermore, a neolibertarian like me is someone who favors a foreign policy of unilateral free trade and of openly playing favorites with free societies. Our support for use of the military for Self-Defense and Defense of Others includes endorsement of preventive strikes. And in terms of stopping a genocide, preventive strike means a free society uses its military to stop a genocide on its very first day of being carried out, long before it reaches 1% of its target.

Democrat, Republican, or Independent?

Independent voter. Without a single doubt.


Now hopefully people over at Minds know what I am like politically. Thanks,



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