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This random nonsense picture choice is because I am touching a different interest of mine per headline.

Starting with news in politics

Hey everyone! I have opened up my news analysis hub Pro-Defense News to the world, and I am welcoming various assorted neolibertarian, objectivist, classical liberal and sometimes minarchist and even geolibertarian voices to author over on PDN. But if you wish only to subscribe then it is $10.75 per month but for every 1000 paying readers I get, I pledge that I will very happily take a dollar off the monthly price until I am charging only 75 cents per month.

Oh, and I joined my state level Libertarian Party as encouraged to by Austin Petersen, and I am considering becoming a dues paying member by the end of this year and then do all this for the national level party during the year of 2019.

And now news in Games Workshop and Middle-earth

I have watched this amazing video in order to better understand the Games Workshop hobby legion I play as. The Easterlings in the LOTR Strategy Battle Game. Without the video I would likely have been over-using the Black Dragon upgrade, and indeed I would have been making other tactical errors in my first actual play of this game too.

Meanwhile, my Battle for Middle-earth II modification is going to be worked on bit by bit and I am hoping to be able to upload it onto ModDB by the day of my 24th birthday which will be May 6th of 2018.

Turning to my love of the meats

Even though I am trying to lose 50 pounds before my 23rd birthday, I seem to be losing a lot more slowly than I need in order to have a girlfriend in the summer. But I am still trying to stay carnivorous, too; meaning I may easily have to be very picky about what meats I eat. For this means white meats often, very rarely red meats, taking deli style cold cut meat in total and utter replacement of ground meat of any kind (yes, even chicken and turkey).

What about Mountain Dew?

I only drink Diet Dew now, for reasons mentioned under the “Turning to my love of the meats” headline. But I will allow myself some Baja Blast as an occasional and/or summer treat. I still know all about what the flavors are and how, and can make a post entirely about that if you want.

Brandy or Whiskey, which is it?

Both, actually. But I still enjoy Stouts and Porters, I just happen to have added brandy and whiskey to my personal list of enjoyed alcoholic drinks.

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How to Win the War on Terror

US troops

United States military gathering to a cause

Some Advice on how to claim victory ‘against terrorism’

So I was browsing TIME Magazine’s official site and stumbled across an article posted by someone to and for The New Yorker. Specifically this article talks about the Syrian refugees and Donald Trump and the title of this thing I am replying to is ‘How to Lose the War on Terror‘. But let me stress that the article touches minimally on the titular topic, and here I am doing a responsive article that’s more on the subject than what it’s replying to.

1. Call the Enemy out by Ideology Name

One major intellectual influence of mine, Yaron Brook, tells us masterfully that a military cannot fight a tactic, and that terrorism is a tactic. He calls out the enemy properly by whipping up the term ‘Islamic Totalitarianism‘, the official name for the ideology of ISIS and their various assorted State Sponsors. Islamic Totalitarians are a political sect of Islam who seek to control every aspect of life on Earth according to puritanical intake of the teachings of the Koran and of the Hadith, specifically Sharia. Some synonyms that exist for Islamic Totalitarianism are Islamic Nationalism, Islamic Radicalism, Political Islam, Salafism and Khomeinism. One synonym I propose in order to wake many of my fellow libertarians up to the reality of its threat to libertarian ideals is Islamic Statism. So we do have a handful of options as to what exactly to call the enemy out by. World War Two was not a war against blitzkrieg but against Nazi fascism, and the US Civil War was not a war against threat-making but a war against White Supremacy. Personally I think it is intellectually honest to call these enemies Islamic Statists and/or Salafis.

2. Adopt a tough Foreign Policy Doctrine

By tough foreign policy, what I refer to in this step is to formulate a doctrine that accepts the painful realities that directly tie into foreign relations and national defense. Here is what I propose.

  1. Unilateral Free Trade
    • Go around the world circumventing foreign governments’ power over their respective societies by lowering their tax burdens, tariffs and regulatory counts to absolutely puritanical zero.
  2. Annihilation of State Sponsors of Jihad
    • With Jihad being the official name for Sharia-motivated terrorism, it should not matter to America or any of its 34 different OECD friends whether a state sponsor of Jihad is theocratic or a government of secular personalism.
  3. Preventive War
    • If we sit around and wait for a regime where Sharia applies in full to start actually sponsoring Jihad, or especially for such a regime to finish prepping its establishment military for attack then we have legit waited for too long.
  4. Capitalistic Regime Change
    • Before telling me that this is some kind of untried mass of idealist trash, let me explain to you the difference this has against Democratic regime change. As we have seen in Germany after obliterating the Nazi regime, bringing a majority of US troops home while leaving some behind to oversee the fostering by private merchants of capitalism lead Germany to become a whole new free society. While the Democratic RC of letting the people build whatever kind of democracy they want, no matter how anti-capitalist & no matter how anti-libertarian, has failed us in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

3. Treat all Islamic Totalitarian regimes in the Greater Middle East as imminent threats

If a regime is on this simple map here and it is marked in purple, then Victory ‘against terrorism’ requires We The People to brand the regime an imminent threat to the American People and also to libertarian values. No further comment needed here.

4. Militarily strategize to care purely about Victory against this Totalitarian menace

What do I mean by this? I say we need to school the US military into caring fanatically about one thing and one thing only: Victory. And this kind of schooling totally requires the United States military to be trained to spend each and every battle obsessing on total destruction of absolutely all Legitimate Military Targets, but that’s not exactly enough. We need to train the US military to passionately add any and all civil service based actors, institutions and objects as LMT; and all while keeping the exact battle plans top-secret. For the military history of American self-defense has about two or more fine examples of targeting enemy-employed civil service being mandatory to getting radically quick and fiscally libertarian victory.

5. Steps 1 to 4 should have been the plan fifteen years ago.

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Trump’s Focus on Christian Refugees and What this Atheist Thinks of that


Syrian refugees escaping into Western world countries like the United States.

President Trump has announced a plan to make Christians priority number one in his Syrian refugee policy.

Alright, so forty-fifth president of the United States Donald J. Trump has recently announced a plan for his Syrian refugee policy, and he wants to lend total priority to Christian refugees among them. I don’t claim to know why that is but I suspect this may not exactly produce more good than harm. Whether he is trying to make us a Christian country or trying to keep out muslims, I am not going to talk about either of those notions here. Instead I am going to talk about what I predict, and I am going to propose an alternative.

My Prediction for this favoritism policy

I do not see the planned agenda of favoritism toward Christians among the Syrian refugees as leading us into a heartening future. Rather I predict that freedom of religion will very slowly disappear, because there is no freedom of religion in a nation that declares that only one organized religion can freely cross the nation’s borders.

But also as an atheist with my own secular morality, I very basically do have to ask a great many well crafted questions to our first orange president. What about all of the atheist and deist and other secular morality abiding refugees who are fleeing persecution by the Islamic Totalitarians, just like the many Syrian Christian refugees are?

Also what about all the Syria escapees that practice some other Non-muslim faith that’s also not Christianity, like Judaism for example? And lastly what about the muslims who are trying to escape to our nation to get away from Islamic Totalitarianism?

What could be a better solution to the Syrian refugee crisis?

Ellis Island spelled the solution to this current problem in the 1890’s when it was taking in immigrants from Europe, some of whom were the first of my fellow ethnically Irish Perkins to come to America. And the very first Irish American Perkins had to go through a legion of tough medical checks, and a legion of tough criminal checks, and that was all the border control they had to deal with. Then these immigrant ancestors of mine were free to apply for jobs and also for citizenship, which as one can tell by my titular self-descriptor above… my Perkins ancestors from Ireland did!

But anyway, the Syrian refugees should be processed the same way no matter their faith or non-faith. Disease check, Security check, then free to apply for jobs and citizenship. In other words, the never granted amnesty to any of the first Irish Americans of my family, and nowadays these Syrian refugees should have to formally apply for citizenship just like my Ireland immigrant ancestors had to do.

In closing, I must say that all of the escapees need to be processed Ellis Island style, so that we can add workers to our economy and build a free market in labor while filtering out any Islamic Totalitarians among them.

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List of Libertarian Principles

Superior LP Logo

If only the United States Libertarian Party promoted libertarianism as being just these principles below!

This is a Listicle about the dictionary definitions based Code of Activism for Libertarians

I hold a mansion of political opinions that, taken as a whole, can be most accurately labeled as ‘libertarian’. But there are countless people out there who have no idea what the word libertarian even means, and I think I should explain what makes me a libertarian. The meaning of a libertarian, as in the official English language dictionaries’ definition of a libertarian is this.

Person who upholds the principles of individual liberty both in words and in actions.

Furthermore, liberty means this.

Status quo of being free as in

  1. freedom from physical bounds
  2. freedom from impulsive and/or tyrannical control
  3. grandeur entitlement to various civil liberties, political rights, and economic freedoms.
  4. freedom of choice

So then libertarian principles are basically matters not of hating government but rather of deterring impulsive and tyrannical rule. I’ll name the principles and define them in my own words.

Freedom from Physical Bounds

  1. Freedom of movement
    • The freedom of people to travel to any place in the world they desire and to move to whatever nation they want if they feel a move-out need.
  2. Bodily Integrity
    • The status quo of having total freedom in regard to one’s own body.
  3. Free Migration
    • The right of people to migrate to whichever nation, province or town they choose to migrate to.

Freedom from Impulsive & Tyrannical Rule

  1. Constitutionalism
    • The idea that society should base its government on a constitution as supreme law of the nation.
  2. Rule of Law
    • The idea that government should abide by laws exactly as society does.
  3. Presumption of Innocence
    • Burden of proof being on the accuser so that the accused is innocent until proven guilty.
  4. Western Democracy
    • A form of rule by elected representatives that abides by the various tenets of individual liberty.

Grand Entitlement to Civil Liberties

  1. Freedom of Speech
    • The right to express one’s own individual opinions freely without fear of being violated for one’s opinions.
  2. Freedom of the Press
    • Right for journalists to freely report the news including with blogs on the internet.
  3. Freedom of Religion
    • Freedom to choose one’s own religious or secular morality independently of any authority.
  4. Right of Self-Defense
    • Right to use defensive force to save the lives of oneself and/or the lives of others including defensive use of deadly force.

Grand Entitlement to Political Rights

  1. Right to Vote
    • Freedom to participate in elections and to cast votes for candidates and/or specific policies.
  2. Right to Petition
    • Freedom to collect signatures on a document urging government or other authority to address a specific concern.
  3. Freedom of Assembly
    • Freedom to gather together with other like minded individuals on behalf of a mutually shared cause.

Grand Entitlement to Economic Freedoms

  1. Free Enterprise
    • Freedom for private merchants and markets to compete freely with only enough government oversight to stamp out fraud, theft and force.
  2. Free Trade
    • Untaxed trade by merchants with foreign merchants that has only to deal with laws against fraud, theft and force.
  3. Supply and Demand
    • A price calculating science wherein demand surpassing supply means higher prices than average, supply surpassing demand means lower prices than average, and supply equaling demand means exact average prices, also applies to predicting profits and even a worker’s total wage for one specific shift.
  4. Freedom of Contract
    • The freedom of individuals to set their own terms and agreements within the labor market place.
  5. Right to Work
    • The freedom of individuals with jobs to choose for themselves whether or not to be in labor unions along with whether or not to work overtime.

Freedom of Choice

  • The ability and power of an individual to choose from two or more offered options when it comes to food, clothing, and various other assorted items and services.

Now that this is done…

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The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 2 Personal Liberty


The Only James Madison pic I will ever use on this blog.

Personal Liberty


Given a choice between the two options of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, which side I am on depends on whether it is after the fifth month of a pregnancy. If yes, then I am Pro-Life but if no then I am Pro-Choice. I support a woman’s right to choose whether or not to end a pregnancy before the unborn has a viability, and in human pregnancy viability begins in the final days of Month Five. I oppose the idea of allowing an unborn with viability to be forcibly torn out of the womb, meaning I think abortion should only be a crime during months six through nine, and even then the police should only go after the clinic.

LGBTQ Rights & Marriage

I support a full on policy of marriage privatization. I want lesbians, gay people, bisexual people, all transgendered and all queer to be totally free to marry who they romantically get along with. I also want them all free to adopt the first kid from an adoption center that looks at them favorably, even free to identify with all the fictional genders (third genders) they desire, as long as they are not forcing biologists to present those as real genders.

War on Drugs

Only two things about the concept of recreational drugs sicken me and one is the lethality of many of them. The other thing that sickens me is our disastrously failing War on Drugs, which was created by Richard Nixon entirely to feign ‘justification’ for murdering hipsters and for butchering black human beings. Not to mention the drug war costs tax payers like my good self an annual $16 billion, which for me means an entire paycheck gets eaten up by the disaster called the federal war on drugs. We need to end the war on drugs and if the drug epidemic conservatives talk about is real, then address it as a medical problem, absolutely not a criminal problem.

Self-Defense and Defense of Others

I fully support the right of men and women to defend themselves and defend innocent people in general against physical force, including with weapons if they feel that this’s necessary. I do not think that government should be forcing it to take anyone weeks to get a gun or to get any other weapon or to learn unarmed combat. Basically, I believe in a policy that decides that if someone was convicted of an act of fraud, theft or force then and only then should they have trouble getting guns. Truth is that it’s the government’s guns who need to be severely regulated as those are the guns hundreds of thousands of innocents lose their lives to.

Laws Against Force, Fraud & Theft

As is common sense, the only behaviors that qualify as crimes are behaviors in the categories of fraud, theft and force. And by theft I mean every property crime known to American law enforcement, while force here means every violent crime known to American law enforcement. I propose a 31st Amendment regarding these issues.

Given that violent crimes, property crimes and fraudulent crimes are the only crimes that count as crimes, Congress is hereby barred from making laws against any crimes not in these categories, and is also required to harshly punish crimes of these kinds, and police are hereby forbidden from caring why a violent, property, or fraudulent crime was done.

Freedom of Choice in Lifestyle

Okay, honestly I have nothing against people who eat foods I wouldn’t eat, drink beverages I wouldn’t drink, wear clothes I wouldn’t wear, play video games I wouldn’t play etc. Which is why I do not think government should be able to regulate any industries that cater to various lifestyles. For example, I would never wear revealing clothing, even if I was female, but I can totally tolerate women making their own individual clothing choices. And I expect government to tolerate alternative lifestyles as well, while not forcing them onto people who wish to not engage in any of these.

Next Time…

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The Policy Agenda of the Libertarian Defense Atheist Page 1 Economic Liberty


My banner here and on the social media platform Minds

Economic Freedom

Separation of Economy and State

There should be a constitutional right to economic freedom modeled on the first amendment, and I recognize it needs to be a constitutional amendment imposed overnight and that such recognition is unconditional realism. This 28th Amendment should read like this.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of currency, or prohibiting the free banking thereof, or abridging the free enterprise, or of the markets; or the right of the people to freely trade overseas, and to petition the Government to address acts of fraud, theft or force initiated by any private corporations.

Liberty Focused Energy Policy

I wish to see an end to all subsidies for green energy and especially for fossil fuel, and I also support an end to EPA monopoly on producing environmental policies. Let paleontologists like the one I’ll be in my 30’s, ecologists and other environmental scientists be the people who warp energy consumers into favoritism toward green alternatives by one means and one means only: Authoring and selling books and other media in favor of Clean Energy.

Freedom Based Climate Policy

Just like I say on energy policy, government should not be involved in the market for climate change clean-up efforts and Pro-green activism. That is a market that only environmental scientists to engage in, and even so only by doing what scientists do best; independently researching but also authoring and selling books, documentaries and other media about what’s wrong with the atmosphere superheating as it is.

Labor Markets and Job Creation

I desire a 29th Amendment that reads exactly like this:

A work ethic based wage standard, being necessary to reward workers proportionally to how productive they are, shall not be set by any other authority than a department manager; just as well the freedom of contract and right to work shall not be limited by any authority, corporate or governmental.

In other words, I desire constitutionally ingrained economic freedom including in the context of bilateral agreements between department manager and working member of the department.

Charity Instead of Welfare

I would like to see total privatization of the industry called Non profit Charity. Because you are not being charitable if you put a gun to a harder worker’s head and command them to share a portion of their larger earns with a lazier worker. Charity is a product of empathy!

Decentralized Social Security

I desire the right to total control of my own retirement funding. And I wish to be able to fund it in my very own debit card account. That’s just one reason of many I bought a Visa NetSpend card sometime ago.

Freedom of Education

I want parents to be able to send their offspring to whichever schools they want without having to move. My parents had to move with me to Cheshire because both Cheshire and New Haven city governments were, and still are, allowed to take all students from within their respective local societies no matter how poorly they perform, and Cheshire was far less terrible in terms of treatment of people like me who have Asperger’s. Instead public schools should be privatized and forced to be efficient by the laws of supply and demand! This way there is no maltreatment of my own and it becomes about actual education.


I want to see full and total repeal of Obama Care, Medicaid and Medicare and replacement of them with a 30th amendment that mandates freedom of medical choice.

Congress shall make no law respecting a mandate to buy private healthcare, or prohibiting the voluntary purchase of private healthcare; or limiting the freedom of choice regarding insurance, or regarding medicine or hospital, including to pay the Government user fees, instead of taxes, for a public option.


Blame and eliminate the welfare state for the problems people are having these days with the idea of freedom of movement. We need not blame the immigrants for coming here dishonestly because if you were fleeing a Sharia based hell pit then why not cross the fence? No one ever fled to escape from classical liberalism, okay people? However I do know the need to secure all borders, which is why I call for criminal and medical checks, for finishing the fence and for having immigrants take US English and US Civics classes for 4 years before becoming citizens.

Public Finance in a Neolibertarian Regime

What’s a neolibertarian regime? I will explain that in part here and far more in page 3 and maybe also page 2, but in the mean time I will explain it is a post 9/11 offshoot of fiscal libertarianism. And I cannot think of more fiscally libertarian ways to build up public finance than to have government charge user fees, royalties, rental contracts, and concession contracts; for lotteries, public services, and tourism to national monuments; added with sale of raw materials to governments of other OECD members.

Next Time…

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Nine Fiscally Libertarian No tax Ways To Finance a Neolibertarian Regime


If No Taxes, then how would the US military get funded? Read below!

Fiscally Libertarian Alternatives, nine of them exist in funding the Government of a neolibertarian society.

So, in the article on About.Com titled “Ten Different Types of Libertarianism“, my kind of libertarian, the neolibertarians like me, are described as fiscal libertarians who favor a strong military and believe that the military should overthrow terroristic and genocidal regimes. But before this it describes fiscal libertarians as people who believe in free trade, low or no taxes, and little or no economic regulation.

By definition of free enterprise I do have to treat a law against fraud, a law against theft and a law against force as the three laws and only regulation worth having. However when it comes to taxes I used to be of the Flat Tax With Negative Income Tax logic but now I am seeing ten different fiscally libertarian alternatives to taxation.

1} Voluntary Donations and Endowments

If people want to donate to government programs for the poor, which in America is about a quarter of the population voluntarily giving a combined total of $360 billion to charity every year, then they can.

Which is why, from now on, I say that if we the people of privately self owning have to raise charity money through such means as bake sales, lemonade stands, street side car washing, yard sales etc. then so should government officials! Put it to you this way, if a bunch of people came in and robbed a grocery store demanding a fifth of all store profits and then hauled the money away to donate to homeless people you would not call that charity you would call that theft, or you’d call that force. But when the Internal Revenue Service is doing the robbing it is somehow magically not robbery? Amusing…

2} User Fees for Government Programs

Whether one speaks of public education or public healthcare, or of really any government program that is not all about defending individual freedom, or toll booths used for charging drivers however much for every time they cross borders between any two of the 50 states.

User fees are basically prices that the government charges for people to use public services like public schools, national parks, national monuments & public health insurance. Given the need for adopting Singapore style healthcare policy, and the fact that doing so would cut healthcare spending 60% or more while making us one of the top ten healthiest peoples ever, I say it is only fair for us to require government to charge user fees instead of taxing. 66% of their healthcare funding is user fees as opposed to taxation, and still they provide healthcare for all their people on a budget of merely 3% of GDP.

3} Fines Collected to Penalize Fraud, Theft and/or Force

Fraud, Theft and Force are really the only categories that really do contain ‘bad behaviors’, as far as true libertarians are concerned. And by theft and force, we tend to refer broadly to property crime and violent crime respectively. Which is why when someone is convicted of a crime on an innocent until proven guilty basis, with an accusation not qualifying as proof, government should rely on fines of the criminal alone to make revenue off addressing it.

4} Royalty Contracts with the Open Market

Instead of a system like corporate tax, I honestly think a superior way for government to get revenue would be to make reading and signing a royalty contract the one procedure that takes a few hours that it should take to set up business in this country. But what is a royalty payment? A small percentage or other share of one’s income paid to a contractor as part of a contract. In this case, a royalty paid to government as the other end of a deal that begins with government letting a human being set up a business.

5} Public Service Concessions

Concessions in the context of this post are basically acts of government marking property and selling it to human beings either as a one-time payment, or as a monthly bill. So like if government found a five square mile piece of desert and sold it to someone, that someone would be buying into a concession.

6} Public Service Rentals

Rentals differ from concessions in that rentals are inherently monthly or weekly billing matters and the person is paying government to let someone borrow something for as long as that something is needed. Public Education textbooks are a fantastic example of this category that already exists.

7} Selling and Reselling Assets

Assets are resources like oil, coal, hydropower, wood, steel, brass, beef, sausage, lettuce, cauliflower and others sold as a commodity. Raw materials including cannabis that in this topic would be sold by a neolibertarian regime to random humans to pay for a strong military that stamps out terroristic and genocidal regimes and slave trades around the world.

8} State Owned Enterprises

Now just what does this mean!? Well, it means a business that government opens and operates just as an independent individual would in the private sector. Meaning that government would be engaging in free enterprise and the same rules of human dignity and rule of law that apply in the private sector would apply here. A neolibertarian regime would set up a State Owned Enterprise to compete with private businesses in the same industry playing by the same rules, and the regime would spend its profit on hunting Tyrants like the worthless animals tyrants are.

9} War Reparations Paid To Defender

So let us say a tyranny somewhere in the world, with a 6 million population, has decided it wants to murder every one of its 360,000 deists, and a neolibertarian society picked up on that. The neolibertarian society sends its military to totally destroy every Legit Military Target the tyranny controls and to include any and all government associated actors and institutions as LMTs, then it fines the defeated tyranny many billions of dollars.

The ‘fine’ being paid by the tyranny is called War Reparations, and are not taxes because it is demanding a tyrannical regime with no respect for human integrity to fork over cash as the final nail in the coffin of punishment for a highly barbaric individual freedom abuse by the defeated tyranny. And this would also be within the avenging neolibertarian society’s right of self defense which includes the right to go around exerting defense of innocent life in general.

In closing

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