Giant Announcement for the Libertarian Defense Atheism!


James Madison excite for the new Libertarian Defense Atheism!

I, Kyle “the Libertarian Defense Atheist” Perkins, have a list of brief but quality announcements!

Hello hello my visitors and followers! I have duly decided to make this online one-man political and (non) religious journal into something drastically better than anything it ever was only a year ago!

Basically I have been pondering how to make a better journal for myself to use to analyze anything that happens around me that is directly related to politics, whether it is nationally or locally syndicated news or just some chit-chat I overheard. There is lots of political chit-chat I routinely overhear between two co-workers of mine whenever they are side by side during a moment of no customers. I work at an American Northeast grocery chain restoring the shopping cart supply every 20 minutes for its Cheshire CT store.

Now that all of this has been clarified I will go right to clarifying what the changes will be.

Change 1: Nightly Embeds from YouTube

Not every day but rather every late-night, I will be uploading a YouTube video to my official YouTube channel and then embedding it into this journal. If you are wondering how I will format the video uploads to my YouTube channel, each video will be a hand-drawn, full-color artwork of mine with just audio commentary on the issue that the video is titled after.

But all around anyone who follows YouTuber Sargon Of Akkad on YouTube and/or Twitter can say that I am looking to become a half-as-popular American S.O.A. for Pro-Defense and Pro-Israel libertarians.

Change 2: Option To Pay Me Every Month To Evict Ads

What exactly do I mean by this up in coming change? Let me explain the best I can, because I am referring to my intention to buy an upgrade of this website to Business level WordPress blogging. And I am going to program my website to grant followers the option for one to buy immunity from ads for such a low monthly price you’ll wonder how I afford the Business upgrade’s monthly fee! But of course I have to keep you all wondering that.

This will be an option I highly encourage followers to utilize because A) I wish to build this one-man journal of mine into a half-size for Pro-Defense and Pro-Israel libertarians; and B) buyers of this immunity will have earned my commitment to removing ads of all brands from these buyers’ viewpoints.

Change 3: Literary And Constructive Self-Policing Of My Own Spelling And Grammar

Yes, everyone! I am going to integrate the same SEO plugin that I have been familiarized with during my old The Libertarian Republic days in the summer season of the prior year.

I will also be using the spellchecker to make sure I am wording my blogs as beautifully and intellectually as I can, this way I can make sure my points get across to readers everywhere on Earth in a grammatically correct mannerism.

Change 4: Nightly Podcast Uploads

I have been inspired enormously by Austin Petersen, one of my biggest intellectual influences ever, to take the audio off my upcoming YouTube videos and pass each audio off as a podcast. Whenever I do a YouTube video, I will upload the audio directly to here as a podcast episode.

And that’s all I got for now! Thanks everyone and stay tuned, I will be updating my Minds account according to what steps to this future have been made!



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