Botox Treats Various Ills, Free Market Policies Will Let Botox Cure Them.


Green eyed brunette ♥︎ Getting Treated with Botox

Botox is evidently treating 800 different sicknesses!

I re-opened my copy of Time Magazine I came home with yesterday for the weekend for the middle afternoon. And I looked everywhere for the cover story about Botox and I finally found that exact story!

I read the whole thing and I am ever so eager to analyze it for purposes of clarifying what this means for humanity’s medical problems. Or rather the specific eight hundred medical problems that Botox pertains to.

The Big Details

So there has been a paradigm shift with not curing, but rather treating; back bone aches, migraines, depression, heart disease, drooling, and 795 other diseases and aches.

Even though I am an atheist, I am calling it a blessing that the Food and Drug Administration has approved of Botox for nine sicknesses and allowed doctors to find it marvelous for treating 791 others!

And apparently with the Donald being destined to become our 45th president…

  • (OH, I am so talking about how the 45th president to-be should have been Austin Petersen on January 20th of 2017 which is a Saturday!)

Donald Trump is aspiring to drastically decrease the Food and Drug Administration’s “oversight” of the doctors who actually know what the hell they are doing when it comes to assessing medical realities, medical items and medical services just as well.

What Does This Twenty Two Years Aged Atheist with a WordPress Channel Make of All This?

Me? Yeah, I see this breaking news as lovely and optimism warranting news. This Botox progression I do think I can count among the good stuff that happened in 2016. And of course anyone who knows my opinions knows I can explain my take on this news like this.

My hope is that by the end of Donald Trump’s first term, the invalidity we call the Food and Drug Administration will have barely enough power to qualify as a government agency with tiny overreach. This way in November of 2020 when I go to vote for Mike Lee or Austin Petersen or Larry Elder or Elan Journo or whoever runs for president that I look up to politically, that 46th president will go right ahead and finish the FDA off. And then he or she will ask Congress for a law prohibiting government or other monopoly on Botox but allowing for marketers both privately and from government to sell Botox treatments for prices that comply with the laws of supply and demand. And hoping they give him or her, whoever it is, such a law; he or she will sign it into official US code. The laws of supply and demand are, in my eyes, the best and only morally correct laws for Botox to abide by, and who knows, maybe government sale of Botox will become a Non-tax revenue, so we can progress to making taxation theft again!

Well, thanks for reading this, my reading public!


And one more thing please buy a subscription! It is 285 times cheaper per month on every month than one Botox treatment happens to be, meaning to buy a subscription is $1.75 per month.


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