No, Politicians; Repealing Obama Care Will NOT “Make America Sick Again”.


Doctors in the background of a hospital hallway pic.

Republicans and Democrats fight over whether to replace Obama Care with Marxism or Corporatism!

Yesterday, meaning on Friday shortly after 4;30 PM, I was on my way home from work bringing home no-stick spray and some other items. One of these other items was a Time Magazine with the date “January 16, 2017” in its top right corner for whatever reason. What made me buy it was a deeply interesting article called “How Botox Became the Drug That’s Treating Everything.” However, the very first article I ended up flipping into is something about Democrats and Republicans fighting again over Obama Care, what else is new with any political parties of the US?

Democrats Looking For An Upside to Obama Care’s Repeal? Let Me Give Them Some!

There is a shockingly libertarian case made by classically liberal Independent voter Craig Berlin for replacing Obama Care with an Australian or Israeli style UHC system.

The Fiscal Argument

Before anyone shrieks at me about the fails of Canadian and British style UHC, allow me to explain the facts. The cost of government involvement in healthcare per tax payer, or rather per capita, is higher here in the United States at $9403 per tax payer than in any other nation on Earth. The amount of government spending on healthcare in Canada, Australia, Britain and Israel per citizen is $4641, $4357, $3377, and $2599; respectively. And we the American republic are the most peopled of all of the five nations I just mentioned, the most fiscally conservative model of UHC to adopt would be the Israeli model at a could-be spending cut on healthcare spending of 72%!

The Medical Argument

Of course there is the medical argument to make in myself or any other pragmatic libertarian calling for Obama Care to be replaced with copy and paste Israeli healthcare model. While Israelis are the sixth healthiest people in the world, Canadians barely makes the top ten. British and of course such Americans as myself barely make the top 20 healthiest peoples on Earth. Australians fare better medically, than Israelis do, by being the third healthiest people on the planet.

Factual Mentions

Seeing as I am ethnically Irish I might as well bring up how Ireland is doing in healthcare when it comes to covering everyone on a fiscally constrained budget. The Republic of Ireland, where they brew my favorite alcoholic drinks Guinness Beer and Bush Mills Whiskey, has a population that is the 19th healthiest population on Earth.

Fiscally each resident of the Republic of Ireland only costs the government $4239 per person to guarantee medical care to. Replacing Obama Care with copy and paste Ireland’s variant of UHC would cut medical spending 55%.

Well, I think that wraps up what I have to say to Democrats about their paranoid, marxism-motivated dogma about Obama Care, which in reality is nothing but a fiscally reckless pile of corporatism. And no, corporatism is not capitalism; instead corporatism is the replacement of the laws of supply and demand with monopolies and secretive lobbying by outdated industrial age industries to try to slam down digital age industries.

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