Voter App, My Answers, My Reasons


What is the Voter App and What Is It For?

This discovery I made on Google Play Store is basically an app that mainly caters to Independent voters like myself and creates a list of results based on the five-step answering of a total of eighty five questions.

  1. Eight questions on level one
  2. Twelve questions on level two
  3. Twenty questions on level three
  4. Twenty One questions on level four
  5. Twenty Two questions on level five

And I did the math, only needing basic math, and the total is eighty five.

How I Answered the Questions (by number from 1 to 85) and why.

People who have already used the app and especially those of programmers behind the app who are reading this will know exactly which question each number applies to!

  1. No, because America is a nation built by immigrants and even my ethnic Irish family, the Perkins family, was new to America as of the Ellis Island immigration era (1890’s to 1920’s).
  2. Yes, because Marijuana is far less deadly than alcohol and tobacco; plus unlike those two marijuana has been proven to have medical benefits; and I am a whiskey lover who is making these arguments!
  3. Yes, because marriage privatization should be invoked under the Constitution’s Ninth Amendment. And married couples, gay or otherwise, should be allowed to celebrate their romance freely from government regulation.
  4. Yes, because the free market normally does a better job than government at producing healthcare agendas; though not inherently.
  5. Yes, because a baby should not come into a world of being unwanted and/or neglected by one’s own biological family, which is why I say draw the line between legal vs illegal right at five months in.
  6. Yes, because even though fossil fuel use is damaging the planet, we should at the very-very least quit our dependence on Islamic Theocracies’ oils by drilling in the US.
  7. No, because the US military has an obligation to protect We The People, because many peoples rely on the US military to defend economic freedom & personal liberty, and because a strong military can prevent the Islamic Theocracies from preparing a far-future establishment military attack on Americans.
  8. No, because higher wage floor will increase unemployment by forcing merchants to hire fewer and fewer laborers.
  9. Yes, because 97% of scientists know that climate change is caused at least in part by human activity, but climate trends since the 1980’s prove that some of that is good for the ecology.
  10. No, because not only were our Founding Fathers all Non-religious Deists in favor of separating church from state but also prayer in schools is or should be allowed as long as it is voluntary.
  11. No, because America spends more per capita on education than any of its OECD friends and freedom of education has proven to be superior to government mandated education.
  12. Yes, because even though it is not the US military’s job to foster democracy around the world, it is this military’s job to exert Self-Defense and Defense of Others on a planetary basis.
  13. Yes, because if we sentence real sexual predator scum to life in prison, we are playing fiscally disciplined hero by putting them in hostile environments for life at lower price.
  14. No, because aspiring students need to learn to avoid governmental student aid so that is very clear how benefits of college outweigh drawbacks.
  15. No, because every gun used to commit a massacre has been stolen except for the one bought by the Islamic Statist who assailed the LGBT club in Florida.
  16. No, because government should not be playing favorites with green energies by any means other than emissions trading solicits.
  17. No, because almost all of this foreign aid money goes to Sharia regimes like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iran, Sudan and Pakistan who just use it to pay nomads who share their kind of big-government statism to do terrorism to innocents.
  18. Yes, because allowing voluntary self-euthanasia would grant the patient the right to self-determine in a way that would end giant pain for oneself, and would make room to cut healthcare spending.
  19. Yes, because excluding independent candidates like I’d run for office as if I was running for office goes against the First Amendment.
  20. No, because in the words of Austin Petersen: “You can raise taxes on the wealthy at 100% and still not pay off even a penny of this national debt, both major parties commit the Keynesian Fallacy meaning they have no idea how public finance works!”
  21. No, because we would have to raise taxes on the biggest job creators in American small business to pay for a historically and currently broken academia.
  22. No, because we do not need to waste $450 million per year on making people feel forced to go vote in elections they don’t feel comfortable voting in.
  23. Yes, because unions harm the economy by forcing merchants to pay wages and benefits they as merchants cannot afford.
  24. Yes, because a 20% flat tax with a $25k/yr line between government owing individual money (below 25k) and individual owing government money (above 25k) would end all corporatist-loved loopholes from American taxation.
  25. Yes, because invoking the ten year and six year term limits prescribed to Housemen and Senators respectively by the Constitution will help end bipartisan corruption.
  26. Yes, because many Americans like trade-hater Donald Trump get very rich by trading overseas and foreigners should be allowed to get very rich by trading with us.
  27. No, because it’s lazy and disrespectful to why most of the illegals came here to not make them earn legal status.
  28. No, because far more assault weapons are used for self-defense and ‘hunting tyrants’ than are used for taking innocent life.
  29. Yes, but I will let Ben Franklin explain why: “Those who forfeit liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both.”
  30. Yes, because even Syrian immigrants would be going through rigorous security and medical checks.
  31. Yes, because I do not mind having to show my driving learner’s permit to be able to vote, towns like Cheshire (my CT town) have every right to verify voters before they vote.
  32. Yes, because studies of body camera use confirm that false reports by citizens against police and incidents of police brutality both drop in number.
  33. Yes, because getting rid of corporate tax would allow small business to hire more employees and/or voluntarily pay employees more livable wages.
  34. Yes, because we need to do wars of annihilation to ISIS and to the conventional Islamic States who sponsor it in order to protect American national autonomy.
  35. No, because Sharia (Islamic Theocracy) regimes threaten human freedom by prolifically sponsoring behemoth amounts of Jihadi terror.
  36. No, because offshore drilling has the potential to intoxicate our oceans
  37. Yes, I vote as a libertarian Independent, small L and capital I.
  38. No, because Martin Luther King wanted people to be judged by the content of their merit and/or behavior and not by the color of their skin, white or colored.
  39. No, because more different taxes means more different ways government harms economy.
  40. No, because federally funded architecture is costly because of the 80,000 regulations that no American even briefly needs.
  41. Yes, because the IRS was built on passion for breaking the law (5th Amendment of Constitution) by stealing property against its owner’s will.
  42. Yes, because stem cells come from eggs that were fertilized in petri dishes after being donated voluntarily.
  43. Yes, because if we do not allow people total control of their own retirement then we are violating their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  44. Yes, because even though I despise the meaning of the flag, I still want individuals who I think have bad taste in flags to be able to fly their kinds of flag.
  45. No, because the real problem with political activist funding is the lack of transparency.
  46. No, because there are 39 or more jobs wherein women earn much more by being naturally better talented at those jobs.
  47. No, because it’s wasting time and money on something that should be replaced by the flat-tax-with-negative-income-tax model I proposed above.
  48. Yes, but I’d rather call it Islamic Nationalism or Islamic Statism, but either way it’s clear that ISIS and others are sponsored by Islamic Nationalist regimes including and primarily Saudi Arabia.
  49. Yes, because it is very possible to apply the same criminal background checking standards to gay couples as to straight couples.
  50. No, because two-thirds of US corporations are run by people who are happy to voluntarily pay family leave.
  51. Yes, because taxing someone for having passed away makes no sense fiscally or culturally.
  52. Yes, because we urgently need to purge our economy of Saudi oil and other Saudi product as they have started a war of nationalisms against us 15 years ago with 9/11.
  53. No, and I would rather national parks be privatized or at the very least transferred to state government control.
  54. No, and we need to repeal the Patriot Act and replace it with unconditional loyalty to the 4th amendment.
  55. Yes, because Canada is a true friend who actually deserves our buying of oil from them!
  56. No, we need to make veteran benefit programs more efficient on less money instead.
  57. No, unless it is being provided by school vouchers and not by government
  58. No, because there are 3.25 million people in the “1%” class and only 536 of them are actually billionaires whose assets combine to a total of $2 trillion. The rest are half-millionaires who devote much of their assets to job creation.
  59. Yes, to understand the Religious Freedom Act is to know that its just as eager to allow an atheist to turn away a religious person as it is to allow a religious person to turn away an LGBT person.
  60. Yes, but I would prefer to go to privatizing planned parenthood.
  61. No, make government rehabs work better on smaller budgets instead.
  62. No, but motivate immigrants, legal and illegal alike, to voluntarily learn English.
  63. No, train NASA workers to work better on smaller budgets.
  64. No, birthright citizenship is one of the Reconstruction Amendments that have done perfectly preventing another American Civil War.
  65. No, just let Snowden sulk in Russia as the Anti-Defense propagandist he is for whistle blowing the wrong way. The right way would have been to red-flag NSA to Mike Lee or some other Anti-NSA Congressman of America.
  66. Yes, so long as the allow American diplomats to spread freedom all across Cuban politics.
  67. No, Copyright laws nowadays tend to be about shutting up critics of poorly crafted movies or poorly directed video games.
  68. Yes, but we need to allow government employees to be as religious as they want without forcing it onto anyone but themselves.
  69. No, force Congress to endow an easy-to-learn immigration law instead.
  70. No, unless it is the private and public hybrid model that makes Israelis the 6th healthiest people for a cost per capita that is 28% of American cost per capita.
  71. No, because our war on Islamic Nationalism from the very start should have been a Take No Prisoners war of annihilation.
  72. Yes, to make deals with any Islamic Nationalist regimes is to play suicidal diplomacy.
  73. No, having to step through an X-ray to be able to fly to Longboat Key was always counterproductive to me in my teens when I used to travel there for joy.
  74. No, seeing as their platform is every aspect of Marxism, but I would support them if their platform was drawn directly from Classical liberalism aka libertarianism.
  75. Yes, this ‘drug war’ atrocity costs us $15 billion per year and puts more innocent people in jail senselessly than in any other nation.
  76. No, unless the GMO labels are being placed voluntarily.
  77. Yes, or at the very least reduce them to their starting role which was to provide fuel companies with ecology facts to factor into their lines of work.
  78. No, flat tax with negative income tax is not basic income, and is not welfare, and should replace both.
  79. Yes, as long as the felony they were convicted of has nothing to do with these ex-felons being convicted of sexually predatory crimes.
  80. No, mandate for women to get the exact same soldier training and standards as men with absolutely no difference whatsoever instead.
  81. Yes, we should not be keeping a prison just for a war that should have been a Take No Prisoners war from the very start.
  82. No, 70% of teachers have found that common core is stunningly destructive to education.
  83. Yes, because free trade is the least damaging and most job-making trade system ever devised.
  84. No, to impose a ban on any particular organized religion or secular morality, whether it’s Islam, Christianity, or whatever else; is Anti-First-Amendment.
  85. Yes, Israel is a 8000 square mile land of freedom and Pro-American sentiment facing 5 million square miles of Anti-American and Anti-liberty aggressors.

My Results and My Verdict


Where I am on the Nolan Chart


Yeah, none of this surprises me. And I discovered Ms. Cupp this way♡

I am probably off with the math of how many Q’s total, like 83 or 85, but overall I guess I give this Voter App an A-. Go check it out and thanks for reading,


That was a very big post but I will make it up to you: Subscription to this blog only costs $1.75 per month!


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