In Search of Neolibertarians


I don’t want an actual Gadsden Flag, but rather I want this exact flag! And yes these are US troops holding it up.

Reports from 2014 and 2011 Inspire Intellectual Interest In Getting to Know neolibertarians like me

So I have decided to do an analysis based on Pew Research Center reports from 2011 and 2014 that included concrete data on libertarians, specifically Small-Ls like myself who split roughly 13 to 6 to 1 Independent voter to Republican Partier to Democrat Partier.

Allow me to pull a definition of neolibertarian from the News department of the search engine called “About“.

  • Neolibertarians are classical liberals who support a strong US military and believe that US foreign policy should be about defending the basic rights of all human beings, including by toppling genocidal and terroristic regimes.

So now that this is out of the way, I think it is time to apply the distinction that’s implied there to the statistical data on small-L libertarians in general before I break down what we believe and who we are.

Speaking Truth To Philosophy

Neolibertarians tend to apply what I have recently started calling a Consistent Pro-Liberty Ethic across the board for protesting all national governments proportionally to how free or tyrannical they allow or rig their societies to be.

As a result, I can apply the stats and prob to deciding how many small-L types (meaning classical liberals for those of us who struggle to call ourselves libertarians) are legit neolibertarians. This is all applying the latest updates of any data that was actually updated to.

Combining and averaging the percentages for our views on immigration, foreign policy, military posture and American Exceptionalism; I came out with us neolibertarians making up 39% of the Libertarian Movement. Which is basically means we are a department of 14 million, meaning 4% of the general public and even 4% of registered voters.

What We Believe

  • Yes to tough border control, along with 93% of libertarians and 78% of everyday America.
  • No to amnesty, along with 32% of libertarians and 24% of everyday America.
  • Yes to letting people immigrate into the United States with the intent of working for our economy, along with 45% of libertarians and of everyday Americans.
  • Yes to welcoming immigrants as benefits to American culture, along with 52% of libertarians and also of Americans.
  • Yes to championing America as humanity’s exceptionally heroic nation, along with 38% of libertarians and of Americans.
  • Yes to giving American society credit for being able to solve its own domestic problems with or without American government help, along with 68% of libertarians and 57% of Americans.
  • No to fantasizing that American action against tyrannies makes the problems tyrannies cause even worse, along with 47% of libertarians and 53% of Americans.
  • Yes to American military vigilance in planetary affairs, along with 43% of libertarians and 35% of Americans.
  • Yes to exerting ethical egoism on a geopolitical level, along with 45% of libertarians and 36% of Americans.
  • No to valuing stable society over free society when it comes to which is better for a Greater Middle East nation to be, along with 34% of libertarians and 37% of Americans.
  • No to respecting the United Nations, along with 52% of libertarians and 32% of Americans.
  • Yes to siding with Israel over the Islamic Theocracies of Greater Middle East with regard to the Islamic Nationalist war of conquest against Israel, along with 52% of Independents (the majority of libertarians) and 54% of Americans.

Who We Are

  • Just like the liberty movement as a whole, neolibertarian racial diversity consists of 70% White, 15% Latino, 5% Black and 10% Asian.
  • Barely over Three fifths of us are male (63% to 37%)
  • Nearly half of us are young adults or nearly adults, 46% of us and 1% of us respectively.
  • Two fifths of us have an Associate’s Degree or better in a college-educated field.
  • 35% of us are Middle Class, 28% are Rich People, 14% are Working Class and only 12% are Poor People.
  • 66% of us believe it is possible to build a morality on empathy and not on a deity.
  • The 57% of us who accept evolutionary biology are split evenly over Atheistic concept and Deistic concept.
  • Nearly three in ten of us are Non religious people with Secular Moralities.
  • A regional average of 40% of us live in the American West. 22% of us are in the American Midwest. The American South and American Northeast harbor 21% of us and 17% of us respectively.
  • A third of us are fishers and archers for sport.
  • Two in three of us are optimists in our behavior.
  • Three in five us love going outdoors, and I should know I cycle every sunny beautiful day I get.
  • Nearly three in every five of us use social media sites like WordPress and YouTube and Minds.
  • 36% of us buy from and sell through Online Markets (also called Web stores).


And so I have broken down what exactly we are, not all that different in terms of lifestyle choices from the rest of the liberty movement around us, frankly.

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