US Military Security Needed At The Inauguration of Donald Trump!?


Homeland Security manager Jeh Johnson explains why the US military may need to be a part of Inaugural security on January Twentieth.

From seventy eight hundred National Guard soldiers to tens of thousands of town police department members!

Sounds to me like Homeland Security Department manager Johnson (speaking into mic above) is going to have to recruit some US military personnel! Not just a few thousand US Army, but rather many thousands of US National Guards, along with various police officers, legions of cement armored trucks and a national population’s worth of other security entities.

Are We The People, of the United States of America, really this damning crazy and hellishly evil in the heads that we need the director of the HSD to use American military might to protect us from ourselves!? Or is this just some very specific barbarians on the Far Left that this guess applies to with an indubitable Yes answer?

Where was I in the 2016 Election Cycle?

I must admit… while I have managed to stay civilized and stay culturally American in my behavior, I have been dismayed at the progress of Trump in three ways.

First came my switching over from the Libertarian Party to the Republican Party in middle 2015 because I took the iSideWith quiz and at the time came out with the LP as number one party match at 88%. As for candidate match, a Florida Senator who loves the Digital Economy and understands the world around America as much as I do, called Marco Rubio, was number one candidate match at 78% and Trump and Clinton both near rock bottom. And then I saw the ‘people’ of Florida voting for Donald Trump instead of this Senatorial promoter of free enterprise in Digital Economy context, the very kind of free enterprise promotion that libertarians like me need to do! But no, Marco is not a libertarian but rather a Center-Right conservative human being.

Then in February and March of 2016 I revisited iSideWith and it told me about another candidate in the LP that was exactly as articulate with similar but different principles in comparison and contrast to Marco Rubio. This LP alternative was of course Austin Petersen, who I can relate to 98% politically, so I directly endorsed him via Gmail and when he thanked me and asked for a phone number I instantly gave him my personal phone number. But when it came for the Libertarian Party primary, I thought there was no Connecticut state ballot access on April 26th for the Libertarian Party. If I had known about the ballot access it would have been because I directly asked the Cheshire CT handler of voter registrations, and then went to go vote for Austin Petersen. Sadly the LP delegates chose a complete hypocrite over this incredibly intellectually advanced Austin Petersen nomination candidate.

Lastly I went to backing and endorsing Evan McMullin, an Independent candidate who came off to me as more of a Pro-Defense Pro-America libertarian (with tiny conservative leanings), than as any kind of conservative that he was marketing himself as.

But when I noticed that Gary Johnson (the complete hypocrite on Liberty Movement principles) was going to be my most politically relatable option, I very reluctantly voted for this stoner and watched him get his ticket Trumped by the Donald.

What barbarians do I speak of?

Many people on the Far Left, the Anti-liberals who I am absolutely done with seeing referred to as “Liberals“, are irreversibly convinced that moral good has nothing to do with physical behavior and everything to do with political opinion. Reality is that empathy confirms exactly the opposite; which is that moral good has nothing to do with opinions in any topic whether the topic is politics, Middle-earth, dinosaurs, sports, or whatever else; and everything to do with physical actions.

These backward primitives are the people I can easily guess to try to launch the most barbaric siege attack they can on the ceremony we are discussing here, but I hope I’m fully wrong about this. As an atheist, I personally hope to the attendees of the inauguration and to the inaugural security that the security will not need to open fire on anyone.

Okay, I think I am done with this assessment. Thanks everyone and please buy a subscription which is only $1.75 per month!




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