Nintendo Switch: All Of The Benefits I Am Predicting!


Zelda Themed Nintendo Switch? I do hope they have a Metroid themed one as that’s my favorite Nintendo line, myself. Even though I prefer Medieval-like fantasy over sci-fi.

The Workers of Nintendo Prove Once Again That Fiscal Conservatism and Cultural Liberalism Breathe Each Other.

I was browsing the official website of Time Magazine looking for something to blog about and I stumbled upon news of the Nintendo Switch. Apparently it is supposed to be the first gaming console to ever be able to toggle between a TV linked console style and a ‘wireless unless its battery needs charging’ tablet style.

Apparently it is supposed to go global on March 3rd of 2017 for the price of $300 and is supposed to have a storage space on its tablet-like part of thirty two gigabytes. And it’s also supposed to be a device with three different styles of gaming it can do, I say out of self correction, one of which included remotes called Joy Cons.

How Will This Nintendo Switch Invention Mutually Benefit Japan And All Of Its OECD Friends, including the US?

As of its membership of OECD, Japan has 34 different economically and diplomatically established friendships and Japan’s friendship with the United States America is just one of these.

Video Game Publisher Data finds that Nintendo is and has been the fourth biggest contributor to the Digital Economy with $4.25 billion of annual revenue and manages to pull this off with only 5100 workers. This is part of total assets that equate to $11 billion and a market value of $85 billion.

More broadly, to start a new independent retailer of Nintendo and other gaming products in Japan, like any new business in Japan, would take eight procedures and twelve days and $2750 to set up. To set one up in the United States of America would take six procedures and four days and $715 to set up.

And so how does this relate to the economic benefits mentioned in the title? Well, if we look at census data about American trade overseas, we see export data for profits made by We The People and import data for profits made by foreign merchants.

Just last year, Japan has been able to create 43 million jobs ($120 billion in imports from Japan divided by the $2750 cost of starting a new business in Japan ) while we have been able to create 79 million jobs ($57 billion in exports divided by the $715 cost of starting a new retailer in America).

Come March the Third of Twenty Seventeen I suspect we will see similar figures, assuming half the American population buys Nintendo Switches. Say 160 million Americans each buy a Nintendo Switch, and let us remember how they are predicted to be priced at $300 per capita. This would be $48 billion in American imports from Japan and therefore 17 million new modern Japanese jobs.

Meanwhile, if roughly half of Japan’s population, meaning half of 127 million people which is roughly 63 million, each buy a Microsoft invention that might be made in middle of May of 2017 with the intent of economically competing with the Nintendo Switch. If Microsoft was looking to charge $250 per capita for this competing equivalent video gaming device, that would make for $16 billion in American exports to Japan. Thus, America in this scenario can create 22 million new jobs for America. Guess who’d be getting more jobs for less money per individual gaming device if Microsoft were to create a Xbox family or Windows Operating System equivalent gaming item?

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