To Twitter: Ban Censorship Instead of Banning Users (A Warn Against Internet Censorship in 800 words or less)


Some finances “expert” claims that censorship is economically beneficial. Taken from the video I am responding to with this WordPress doc.

Howard Linzon Is A Financial Expert Wannabe If He Is Advising Censorship of Accounts!

Who is Howard Linzon and what YouTube video is this an enlarged copy of the official thumbnail for? Well, I am going to dig into that right just now. Howard Linzon is a financial “expert” who co-founded and currently runs an awkwardly named (in my opinion) company called Stocktwits.

And the guy has decided to give feel good politically correct advise instead of actual economic advise, and then claims without evidence that Twitter stocks will rise 20% if his advise is followed. And Linzon’s advise is to terminate Donald Trump’s official Twitter account!? What!?

Where or How did I learn this?

I watched a video from a guy I find often funny and also agree with on science, religion, and the specific political fields of culture and social issues called The Amazing Atheist. I invite you to watch this video but I must warn you some of the word choices are reminiscent of a Mature-rated video game. Watch it here but only if you don’t mind going higher content maturity than Teen, and of course personally I don’t mind it but on social media sites I prefer to limit my own cursing to PG-13 level, voluntarily.

Everything TAA Claims On This Topic Is Proven Fact

Social Blade is a very excellent tool for figuring out how true what anyone says about other people’s social media accounts. And they notice that The Donald has a fan base that rounds to 20 million and an average retweets per tweet that rounds to 19 thousand.

So when TAA claims that Trump can tweet about what he had for breakfast and still come off as amusing, then TAA is absolutely right!

Facts I will go right ahead and Add

The economic punishment for Twitter for blocking accounts instead of monetizing them with the royalties earning consent of their respective owners (definition 8 of royalties in the link provided)… will extend far beyond stock market crash for Twitter.

Every account censored by Twitter will be another step towards 4000 people suffering job loss. And that’s severely bad given the expense of living in today’s 87,000 different poisoned economy because these 4000 will lose $102,000 of annual salary on average.

Threatening to commit violent crimes and threatening to commit property crimes are, or should be, the only illegal activities on Twitter, and even then Twitter should only enforce that by asking the police to search the Tweets and Non-tweet records of the offender. Then its the police’s turn to get a warrant from a judge to investigate the very specific Twitter user who broke one of those two and only necessary rules.

And this is, or needs to be, also the universal law for economy in general and for culture in general because in a civilized free society, human rights are regulated only by cosmic norms that explicitly target one or more violent crimes and/or one or more property crimes.

Not to mention, the police are required to respond to social media threats to commit violent crimes or property crimes exactly as laid out above by the Fourth Amendment.

Closing Disclaimer

No, I do not have any liking of Donald Trump and I have happily backed three different alternatives against the Donald during the 2016 electoral run: first Marco Rubio, then my favorite presidential candidate in US History Austin Petersen, and then I fell back on Evan McMullin when the LP decided to stick to being the party of electoral idiocy and of foreign policy idiocy. But then I ended up shamefully and reluctantly voting for that stoner that the LP “delegates” chose over the masterful Austin Petersen.

Also I have no liking of the Alternate Right and I am politically neither right nor left, I am very much a neolibertarian; which means ‘a classical liberal who supports a strong military and a self-defense and defense of others foreign policy’.

And also I am not afraid to dispute Austin on whether to allow different cultures or to assimilate immigrants into US culture, and I am not afraid to dispute him on broader foreign policy either, especially given him and I are apparently both Anti-Pacifist and Pro-Defense.

So thank you readers for reading and please subscribe for only $1.75 per month!



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