The Kingdom of Sweden: Cultural Marxist Utopia or Freest Market Sovereign Ever?


Swedish Markets in the night time.

Forbes Recently Did An “Ease of Doing Business” Index of their own, evidently.

Amazingly, despite Sweden’s reputation as either a progressive heaven plane or a socialist hell hole depending on if you as left wing progressive Democrats or right wing conservative Republicans, Forbes has found Sweden to be the friendliest nation on Earth for commerce!

This is a story I discovered on the bottom of page 7 of the episode of Time Magazine that has Botox for its front cover topic. As a middle ground libertarian (aka liberal) Independent, I have found that both progressives and conservatives are wrong about Sweden’s economics! Yes this even means that Marco Rubio is wrong to claim that Bernie Sanders would be a better president for Sweden, despite that being intended by the Marco as a political humored joke. But yes, I guess I still find Marco’s joke funny.

Is This Really Any Kind Of Surprise to Free Market Liberalism Types Like Myself?

No. Instead I find it rather predictable that Sweden has such an easy time letting people do business within its borders and using Wi Fi networks that reside within it.

This is due in large part to data I know from good ole Cato Institute on Economic Freedom in the World and meshing it with World Bank data about the average salary per human being.

I think it should be pretty obvious to everyone by now, the fact that it is Mostly Truth that a nigh inseparable connect exists between economic freedom and individual prosperity, and another nigh inseparable connect exists between economic freedom and individual etiquette.

Will I use this Forbes Index for Future Arguments on Economics?

Of course I will! There is no way I will avoid citing Forbes magazine on this kind of economic policy talk. And to conclude, I will say thank you to Forbes for doing that index and thank you Time Magazine for sharing this news about Forbes with me, and of course thank you random people on the internet for reading this!

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