California Faced With No Or No Question: Is Weed Legalization To Blame for California Rise in Property Crime?


This is a guy who likely smokes weed very often, something I personally refuse to ever do but I would rather live in a permissive society than live in rampant tyranny.

The Defacing of Hollywood sign to say “HOLLYWEED” has gotten legalization falsely accused of soliciting property crime.

Ugh; I honestly thought the people of America would have learned by now that property crime, like violent crime, is also caused by barbaric ideas and neither by poverty nor by any sort of anti prohibitionism activist deeds.

Evidently there were some people who have decided to blame the November Eighth Twenty Sixteen Legalization of marijuana for the ruining of Hollywood sign to say ‘Hollyweed‘. The property criminal at least had the modesty to admit it was him and to press charges against himself and to admit what he did was superstitious trashiness.

Honestly I pulled my knowledge of this story right out of the Time Magazine episode that has the Botox story as its front page story. And I have quite a case to make against this branch of prohibitionism.

The History of American Weed

When this country started, on Fourth of July of Seventeen Seventy Six, marijuana was far more often used for making hemp clothes, hemp scarves, hemp bandanas and hemp ropes than it was for making anything to be put into one’s human body. As for Medicinal and Recreational weed; neither one of these uses of marijuana was a normality until the year of 1839.

Starting in 1906, and indeed during World War One, marijuana was regulated only by a little something called the Pure Food And Drug Act. This was a bill demanding people to label not just marijuana but all foods, all drinks, and all ingredients with ingredient lists. Thus the start of why we start to learn weird chemical names from our food and beverage labels!

It was not until late 1930’s when we got our first scenes in United States history of criminalizing marijuana. The only exception I can gather from my research was a demand by the FDR administration for people to use marijuana to make hemp ropes for defensive annihilation tools that happened to have ropes as parts of them.

After World War Two the worst that could happen to someone for breaking laws against marijuana is they get a fine or they serve a sentence not of jail but rather of rehab. It was only when Richard Nixon exploded marijuana criminality into a matter we know today as the War On Drugs, an explosion Nixon did with the intent of filling black people with nothing but deprivation.

Current Status Quo

Nowadays, prohibitionists keep on with telling us many lies with the best of intentions, yet all they are really doing is teaching us hate and it’s indeed backfiring on them with us teaching them fear.

The War on Drugs? We’re needing to break it. The war on drugs has tried to squeeze the life from cartels, but has instead squeezed the life from decent folks.

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