How To Ramp Up Freedom Of Movement And Border Security Alike, Without Resorting To Any Of Trump’s Ideas.


Syrian immigrants, probably going to some European country

There are culturally but mostly economic arguments to make for assimilating illegal immigrants into American culture instead of deporting them.

Granting to you and indeed to anyone who knows me by real name, Kyle Perkins, or by my internet name Libertarian Defense Atheist; that Mr. Border Wall is going to have his inauguration very soon, I figure today is duly a good time to make a case for a more Liberty-based immigrant policy.

However, from what I understand, there is exactly as much need for raising freedom of movement as there is for raising border security. Because in absolute & total honesty; I tend to be a Pro-immigration-leaning Middle Grounder on immigration, whether it is legal or otherwise.

1] Path To Legalizing those Here Illegally

As a secular morality atheist, I can and do agree in full with the Judaism espousing academics and intellectuals over at Global Jewish Advocacy on the issue of a Path to Legalization.

They argue just as I always will no matter the social media site or journalism site I am arguing on, that these 11 million immigrants who are here illegally need to be put through a simple multi-step journey to being legalized for three reasons.

  1. More citizens 18 and older means more citizens to incentivize to voluntarily join the heroic and ultra high honor US military.
  2. More citizens 14 and older means more citizens to offer jobs that advertising for directly appeals to their individual talents.
  3. More citizens of any age means more citizens to teach not just the English language but also American constitutional culture of cultural liberalism.

2] Five Justifications Not For Amnesty But For Earned Right To Apply For Citizenship

The fellow classical liberalism libertarians I have over at Reason Magazine have published, three years ago, a list of five reasons for amnesty that I am going to go ahead and interpret as something else. Meaning a list of five reasons for an open immigration policy that’s got nothing to do with amnesty. Here are the five reasons, each one in few sentence format.

  1. Immigrants of both kinds, legal and illegal, seem to love taking up the lowest wage jobs in our nation precisely because no person born in the US wants those jobs. These include house cleaning, crop farming, busing tables, and producing extra low priced medicine to.
  2. Immigrants of both kinds, legal and illegal, routinely pay into our wildly complex taxation system and directly to the Internal Revenue Service at times. This is despite the fact that we need to replace the IRS and all currently in effect taxes with something very simple Milton Friedman got a Nobel Science Prize in the science called Economics for proposing. Flat Tax with Negative Income Tax, a wildly simple tax code that would also destroy all loopholes and all forms of what Milton rightly called the Welfare Trap.
  3. As I have said in the URL for this post, illegal immigration is a victimless crime. A decent 85% majority, I’d guess, of the illegal immigrants organically prize every means to steer clear of violent crime and property crime alike. Of course this is regardless of whether the immigrants looks for organized religious or secular morality means to abide by both the law and empathy alike.
  4. Ever hear of freedom of movement and or the right to travel? Well, constitutionally it is actually a Ninth Amendment right and therefore one of those James Madison hinted at when he wrote the American Constitution.
  5. Eleven million people that roughly 85% of, give or take, are good people on their own initiative. That sounds like a bucks ton of people to really do anything about, which is exactly why we need to put all of these on a highly specific and heavily colorful path to earned citizenship, simply as opposed to amnesty.

3] How To downsize Immigration Policy complexity to a simple hybrid of open immigration and surged border security.

Full disclaimer about whose proposals I am paraphrasing, I have little to no liking of Senator Graham outside of these arguments he makes for simplifying immigration policy. I have linked to his proposal on border security but something called ProCon.Org has quoted him on a Pro-immigrant speech of his as their 8th argument for not open borders but rather open immigration. There’s a major nuance between open immigration vs open borders as far as I can tell. And please keep in mind I see mix of good and bad to all of these.

  1. Hire 20,000 more border patrol agents in addition to the 18,000 who were already added in 2012.
  2. Building a fence, NOT a wall, with a doorway in every half mile or quarter mile of fencing.
  3. Add a distinctly Digital Age E-verify system with regards to individual ID cards.
  4. Similar entry-exit system to what they used to do on Ellis Island in the 1890’s and how my Irish immigrant ancestors were processed (tough medical record check & tough criminal record check)

As for the Graham quote I found on the Pro-immigrant list of arguments at, I can summarize the initiatives to ramp up freedom of movement, meaning what versions of them I’d rather we do as a nation, like this.

  1. Call to action for the 11 million illegal immigrants to go around their respective states signing up for English language classes.
  2. Call to action for them to go to classes to learn both free market economics and American civics as well as the human-decency-fact that violent crimes and property crimes are the only crimes that count as crimes.
  3. A honored and delivered on pledge to make all of the above take five years or shorter to all happen. I cannot stand Graham on his belief about making all of the above take a decade or longer.

We need to blow up our entire immigration policy and start over from scratch with these 7 planks.


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