New Announcement Of How I Will Argue My Principles, While Still Keeping Them


Thank you Steven C. Markoff for creating this wonderful site ProCon!

Steven C. Markoff created an excellent website for anyone who wants to argue any principle on a purely Facts Over Feelings Basis.

And boy is this excellent news for the people of America’s very own Liberty Movement! This is actually going to be an absurdly short article as all I am doing is announcing what it’s about and the fact that I am using it to argue my principles.

What is

It’s basically a nonpartisan and nonprofit and privately owned as well as ideologically independent intellectual honesty hub that specifically singles out controversial issues with the intent of teaching every person on both sides of every political debate to stay Fact-Over-Feelings minded. That’s the best way I can summarize it. It makes understandable factual arguments for positions I consider wrong as well as for positions I consider right.

Have My Political Opinions Changed At All?

No, actually, I am going to stand by the same principles and the same beliefs I adopted from the age of 16 when it was April the Twenty First of Twenty Ten. Instead I will be applying the arguments I find on this website Pro Con org and I will use these arguments to solidify the intellectual honesty of my views, positions, stances and so on and so forth.

And of course everyone is free to use the same site to back me up on my views or to counter my arguments that I will be making from now on for what I believe and why exactly it is I believe it.

Anything else to say?

No, like I said this was and is an absurdly short one today, and if I find arguments in that intellectual honesty hub that directly tie to a news story I am reacting to via blog than I will consider myself intellectually lucky.

Thanks everyone, and please buy a subscription which is only $1.75 per month!


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