Just So I Am Clear For All of 2017… And I am Only doing one post like this every year.


Alternate version I did of someone else’s LOTR Morgoth painting with an AP4LP Make Taxation Theft Again Hat.

Pay Undivided attention to this post of mine because I am not doing several similar posts again this year! Only one time.

Last year, as in I am referring to Twenty Sixteen, I have done at least ten posts like this one across that year explaining what I believe and how much I know about reality.

This is not to prove anyone in particular wrong about anything but rather it is to prevent false rumor from being spread about what I believe as well as how much I know and of course I will be doing another post like this at every starter of every year until I pass away of… probably old age.

What I Believe

The Principles

I believe in an honest and simple approach to every single political issue there is to debate over and offer solutions to. I abide by five very simple principles and base my every political belief on them.

  1. On social issues and culture, individual freedom is the best thing ever.
  2. On power structure and regime, Western democracy is the best thing ever.
  3. On public finance and economy, economic freedom is the best thing ever.
  4. On foreign policy as in diplomats and merchants, OECD members spreading freedom across the world is the best thing ever.
  5. On defense policy as in soldiers, caring purely and only about victory against the tyranny who attacked on its turf is the best thing ever.

Other than the above, my principles are strictly my own batch of principles.

Referring to specific issues, I support free trade, marriage privatization, and pure freedom of choice in all basic necessities of buyable commodity (housing, food-and-drink, clothing, self transportation device, medicine, education reception center).

The Evidence

I took a few quizzes, both from within Pew Research Center and from outside of it. Let me start with those of the Pew Research Center quizzes that are of relevance to this section of this article.

Firstly I did both of the two readily versions of the Political Typology Quiz, the 2011 guy and the 2014 guy. And those years’ editions of the Pew quizzes have labeled me as a Libertarian and a Business Rightist; respectively. The 2014 labeling of me is actually business conservative but I prefer the term business rightist because then at least I can reject the simplistic Democrat vs Republican polarization with much more ease. Their Political Party quiz has, with its marvelous accuracy, brandished me an Independent voter.

But also I have done quizzes elsewhere. Starting with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and came out as 80% on Personal Issues and 100% on Economic Issues and as such that website I linked to paints me for someone who is a mix of hardcore libertarian and moderate right.

How Much I Know About Reality

I went right ahead and took the Pew quizzes on the News, Science, Technology, Religion and Internet. And I came out with results like this:

  • My News IQ is 91% and above 77% of everyday America
  • My Science IQ is 75% and above 52% of everyday America
  • My Religion IQ, even though I have a secular morality built on an almost even mix of reason and empathy, still manages to top 80% of everyday America at 73%
  • My Internet IQ is above 81% of other Americans besides me at 75%
  • Lastly my Tech IQ is ahead of 52% of my own nation at 69%

Combined and averaged, I know what I am talking about 76% of the time and my intellectual capacity surpasses that of 68% of the American people.

Thanks for your understanding, and please prove your understanding is solidified by signing onto donating $1.75 per month for my intellectual capacity. If I get one new Paying donator every hour until my 23rd birthday (May 6th 2017) then I promise I’ll set up 1/2 of the donations to inherently go to the first Relay For Life 2017 rally my humble town of Cheshire, Connecticut has after my 23rd.



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