Barack Obama Presidency In a Review


The presidency of these two, Obama to left and Biden to right, I shall review upon this day.

Five Minute video of Highlights shows Obama’s speech to be half truth but that’s not what I am reviewing.

So there have been highlights of the January Tenth Two Thousand Seventeen farewell speech by Barack H. Obama. And there he reflects on his accomplishments from 2009 to 2017, and then he makes various claims about history that some of are true and some are not. One claim in these highlights is the idea that minority skin color groups are still treated as inferiors despite the Founding Fathers guaranteeing them individual autonomy, which is Plants for Hire false. The truth is has two parts to it.

  1. In 1864 General William T. Sherman unleashed hell on the American South slavers with the intent of freeing colored people from slavery, and soliciting able bodied adults among them to slaughter their captors, thus terrifying the entire American South into giving up on slavery and on White Supremacy in general. And all the KKK are is evidence for, given how small they are at Eight-Thousand max, that very few if any are willing to kill or enslave for White Supremacy.
  2. Exactly a century later, Martin Luther King Jr. brought up the Civil Rights movement of 1964 and inspired the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ensure enforced equal application of the Bill of Rights to all people, and then some time later socialists misrepresented that to use it for their agenda of playing favorites with minorities and women.

But this is NOT what I am reviewing.

I am reviewing the job performance of Barack H. Obama from an angle of five principles, laid out for the Liberty movement by blogger Dale Franks in 2003:

  1. Cultural Liberalism
  2. Western Democracy
  3. Economic Conservatism
  4. Empire of Liberty
  5. Defensive Posture

And how exactly he did upholding these five values. Scale of 0 to 10, 0 being tyrant 10 being liberty lover here is where I put him.

1] Cultural Liberalism Grade

Barack H. Obama may have legalized gay marriage, but that is regrettably the only cultural liberalism point I can give to him. He extended the Patriot Act, he created a corporatist mandate to buy big-business insurance, he has not drawn the line between legal and illegal abortion along the line between Second and Third trimesters, and he has enabled the rise of Far-Left partisan Social Justice Warrior trash. Which is Why I give Obama, on cultural liberalism, a 6.

2] Western Democracy Grade

This will measure his honoring of this concept as well as his respect for how the Seven Articles of the Constitution are written. He took various actions that are solely the authority of Congress, specifically ten different things to contradict these Seven articles. But he still managed to play our democracy system by the rules. Which is why he gets a 4.

3] Economic Conservatism Grade

From doing nothing about 87,000 not needed regulations to keeping the tax code of America wildly large and complex as it was when he entered office, Barack Obama basically adopted the establishment do nothing about it agenda. But it is worth noting his medicinal corporatism (not socialism) with Obama Care and the economic burden of it, spending close to $10k per person on average, more than almost any other sovereign on almost any other national health agenda on Earth. Also a 4.

4] Empire of Liberty Grade

The fact that Obama bowed and groveled to Saudi Kings like Satan Incarnates Abdullah and Salman, sums up my grade for him in this category. Zero.

5] Defensive Posture Grade

From reducing military budget by 14% to refusing to correctly identify the enemy as Islamic Nationalism, the motivating ideology of the enemies we face nowadays, I know enough about foreign policy and strategic defense to be able to grade him on this very simplistically as well. At least our president gave the order for US Navy Seal Tam Six to knock down Bin Laden, though. My grade here will be a 2.

Final Edict & Final Words

Well, rounding fractions up (I’m an optimist), I grant the Obama presidency a Four, slightly below average for a president according to these five values laid out above. If you think he did slightly above average than I can respect that. If you think he did total ten or total zero than I think you are too polarized to be reviewing US presidencies. Thanks everyone and please sign onto paying $1.75/month for a subscription;


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