Donald Trump’s Despotic behavior, and how it will impact libertarians like this Independent Voter


Mr Garrison as Donald Trump in South Park.

Now that the Donald is our president, I will make predictions for America and for Liberty.

No, I did not bother watching the inauguration myself, I just read this linked article about it instead. As you may be able to tell from the excerpt, I have backed three different people against him over the course of the 2016 race for the White House.

First came Marco Rubio whose views I shared 78% of, then Austin Petersen who shares 95% of my views, and lastly Evan McMullin who shared about 82% of my views; all of this according to the site I discovered them through: iSideWith.

What Will a President Trump mean for the United States?

As far as I can tell there are good aspects and then there are bad aspects, but seeing as I am an optimist I would like to address what I see as negatives first and then dig into what I see as positives.


  1. I can see the Donald’s use of tariffs costing us enormous outputs we have never had to give up under most of presidents 1 through 44 in turning profits from exports into new small businesses with 10 to 500 jobs each.
  2. I can see the Donald’s building of a border wall and deportation of 11 million non-citizen residents will damage the economy by massively reducing employment in low paying, somewhat outdated Industrial Age jobs.
  3. I can see Trump’s aspiration to ‘briefly’ ban non-citizen Muslims from entering or exiting the nation doing irreversible annihilation to the First Amendment
  4. I can see Trump’s desire about bringing back Draft being the death of absolutely all morality and all honor that took the US military 24 decades to build for itself.
  5. I can see Trump’s wishes to overturn the Summer 2015 Gay Marriage ruling defeating any purpose of myself or other libertarians calling for marriage privatization.


  1. For every new regulation that gets proposed by the Congress, two old ones will have to go; this I predict will bring about tremendous economic growth!
  2. Constitutional Amendment to get mandate Term limits to Congress; this I know will deter corruption much better than the relevant Articles and Sections to this topic have with their House and Senate limits of ten years and six years respectively
  3. The fee for hiring of new federal employees and refusal to apply them to public safety guys and military guys will get rid of many not-needed bureaucracy.

What will a president Trump mean for the libertarian philosophy?

By this, I am referring not to the Libertarian Party that was set up in 1971 but rather to the libertarian philosophy that this nation was founded on in 1776. Libertarianism is not a party to me but rather it is an ideology, and of course now we can speak of what can potentially happen because of the presidency of Trump.

Of course in the United States the Libertarian Party from 1971 obsesses on trivial crimes by the US federal government instead of severe crimes by Sharia based governments in the GME. Not to mention, the LP is in general obsessed on the disproven mythological fiction that the US federal government as the only source possible of tyranny, and ignores any form of tyranny that does not come from US government.

Therefore the Libertarian Party can only get 400,000 libertarian voters out of the 15 million there are in this nation to register to vote as capital-L Libertarians. In other words, the refusal of the LP to recognize America is at least one of the best behaved societies on Earth along with a few better behaved ones, and their refusal to give the US military any credit for any of its heroism, is most of why 97% of America’s libertarians boycott the Libertarian Party.

However, there’s plenty of Pro-US-military, Pro-America & Pro-Empire-of-Liberty libertarian Small-Ls like Mike Lee, Dana Rohrabacher, Jeff Duncan, Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert, Mike Enzi, Ted Cruz (believe it or not), Mo Brooks, Scott DesJarlais, and Scott Garrett. There are others I can list based on Liberty Index scores between 90 and 100 paired with their views of American exceptionalism, Military expansion, and Foreign involvements as recorded at

What all of these and various others outside of government have in common is that Donald Trump will terrorize them out of the Republican Party to be as tyrannical and animalistic as he possibly can about his new position of power.

The result, I predict, will be that of the 97% of American libertarians (97% of 40 million = 38.8 million), the 39% (meaning 15.6 million) who generally support a Pro-Defense, Pro-America and Empire-of-Liberty foreign policy will all come along dumping themselves either into the American Capitalist Party, or into a third party of their own creation. Currently the Capitalist Party has so few members it’s probably a two digit number somewhere in this nation, but imagine 15.6 million like-minded people of different religious affiliations and such dumping into the CP? Or a totally new third party?

Closing Words

Thanks everyone for reading this post! Yes, I am predicting a mix of good and bad under the Donald.

Plus if you like what I have to say, or even if you can understand it or respect it, please rove that by signing onto donating $1.75 per month below.



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