What Libertarian Defense Atheist (me) believes in 700 words or fewer

My direct inputs on economy

I do not want to be paid according to a government imposed minimum wage, I would rather be paid according to how much of my workplace’s productivity was directly my individual input.

I am very opposed to government monopolies on banking like the Federal Reserve, and I routinely support Digital Age applications of the concept of Free Banking.

Freedom of Education and School Voucher are the policies I myself flock to in the way of education reform, along with letting websites like Khan Academy provide educations for free based on voluntary donations.

Healthcare policy to us is a matter of avoiding a government monopoly on healthcare and allowing the people several private options and some public options, and keeping all the public options highly efficient on limited budgets.

In replacement of the Internal Revenue Service, and in place of the entire American tax code as it stands, I do desire a flat tax model, in my case a 10% rate with a $25,000 tax credit line, aka a Negative Income Tax model.

As for trading overseas we see free trade as its defined by every dictionary in the english language as inherently a force of good.

On Environmental issues I espouse green capitalism, the belief that without a clean healthy planet there can be no capital and no reliable resources therefore market-based think-green tools are necessities.

My direct inputs on social issues

Personally I do not see the death penalty as beneficial to the moral primacy of being harsh against violent crimes and against property crimes. This is part of me constantly tending to exert tough love against human rights violating behaviors.

Women are just as entitled to the civil liberty of bodily integrity as men are, according to me. I believe this includes freedom of choice in bodily related needs like food, clothing, etc. However, when it comes to abortion, I desire a line to be drawn between legal and illegal, meaning I want it legal in most cases but illegal in Third Trimester cases, there’s no ‘in all cases’ thinking style to me.

Marriage Privatization is the default marriage policy desired by me, and I believe it is the way to go concerning LGBT marriage and LGBT rights.

I see the War on Drugs as a very destructive force of horrific abuses, and I desire for all manner of reasons to see it ended. But I would only like to see one recreational drug legalized per year, in order from most to least medically beneficial.

Censorship is inherently a force of evil to me, and I do not support censorship by government, by activists, by corporations, by labor unions, by movements or by any other entities.

My direct inputs on foreign policy and national security

I am very Pro Defense and Pro US military, which is why I refuse to support any downsizing of the US military. I would like the see the roster of qualified volunteers expanded by offering optional military science, military history and even strategic defense classes in colleges, high schools & even middle schools.

We believe it is possible to grow both freedom of movement and strong border security. I desire to see US federal government ramping up both open immigration and border control in one immigration policy paper. Building a wall is crazy to me and so is deporting 11 million people that 85% of are law abiding individuals.

I support the Thomas Jeffersonian theme Empire of Liberty with regards to foreign policy, but I believe diplomats and private sector merchants to be the best people to carry out that duty of spreading freedom across the world.

The most inhumane thing I can imagine on a foreign policy level is letting obvious tyrannies get away with human rights violations. I believe slaying tyrannical governments is heroic, anywhere and anytime, and I believe in a Self Defense and Defense of Others foreign policy overall.

My Close Up

Thank you everyone for reading this from me, and indeed I will be re blogging this every Day One of every year until my passing which I think will be somewhere in the 2080’s.

In the mean time please sign onto donating $1.75 every month & thanks again,



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