Anti-Trump Majority of Republicans: Flee to the American Capitalist Party


This is the third party most worthy of the label of libertarian, and of republican.

The case for the Anti-Trump 60% of Republican Partiers abandoning the Republican Party to become Capitalist Partiers.

Hello everyone, and happy 2017. As someone who is both very Anti-Trump and very sick to death of the ‘NotMyPresident’ hysteria, I must reiterate that the majority of Republican voters in America, specifically three in five, voted against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary. The link to that is in the headline as one may be able to tell, and also I wanted to mark my own words in this post as sign that I will be promoting the Capitalist Party throughout 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and future years to.

As I predicted earlier, the Anti-Trump majority of Republicans, and especially Pro-Defense, America-loving Empire of Liberty libertarians of the party will be fleeing the GOP to escape from Donald Trump’s pattern of being as much of an executively overreaching tyrant as he can. So I figured I would come to my platform whose average visitors per month appears to me to be tripling every year, and offer these Republicans the right party for them to escape to.

The Libertarian Party is undeserving of the label of libertarian, as that party thinks that libertarian means ‘fanatical worshipper of Ron Paul who demonizes everyone who disagrees with him on anything at all as a neocon or other type of statist‘. And yes I am citing their behavior as is routine for them as evidence to what they think libertarian means. But I have bad news for the LP: libertarian actually means ‘a human being who upholds the ideals of individual freedom both in opinion and in action‘.

Who’s there to flee to that is better than the Libertarian Party?

The best party for Anti-Trump 60% of Republicans to flee to is the Capitalist Party of the United States, because their platform and policies are matters of standing on principle and matters of the specific principles that the GOP used to be stand on.

And former LP candidate Austin Petersen is absolutely right when he says this.

  • People do not join third parties for opportunism, but rather for the policies that third party stands on, its the Democrat and Republican parties join for opportunism!

Which is why I am joining the US Capitalist Party and also encouraging not just the Anti-Trump majority of Republicans but also the Small-L majority, 97%, of libertarians of the United States as well. Granted I am only predicting a 40% to 50% turnout rate int terms of who actually goes along with this advise of mine.

I even have on my Facebook profile’s ‘political views’ box that I want people to go right to this policies page to learn exactly where I stand on every major political issue.

Thank you all for reading this post! And if you like the idea of this party, then the only way to get a Connecticut state level party rising is to please sign onto donating $1.75 per month to my online journal with this button!



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